Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wonders of Quikr NXT

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I was in the middle of this important meeting when I got a call from this private number. Being a family person esp. a mother of 2 year old all kinds of thoughts crossed my minds in just milliseconds and I picked the call disrupting the meeting, just to attend an unknown guy telemarketing about the new Spa opened in some remote part of the city. Anyone can guess the level of frustration I went through and the only thing that I wanted to say was, "How the hell did you get my number?".

I am sure the new Quikr ads (the Social Classifieds Networking Platform) would have caught your eye. If you have ever sold anything via classifieds route (print/notice-boards/online sites like Quikr) – you would have seen the benefits already. However there is a certain cons of such transactions some of which you might have had experienced firsthand. Like getting spam calls, getting calls at unwanted times, multiple calls to explain, repeating same information to multiple people and so on & so forth.
In this context QuikrNXT – the new kid on the block – the new shiny version of the Quikr platform is a major step forward. Apart from features like it works across Quikr’s mobile app, mobile site and website; the features that are really remarkable, copied from Apple app store description are following

1.      Users can choose to make their listing ‘private’ by hiding their mobile number and using Quikr NXT chat feature to connect with buyers
2.      Parallel chat sessions with multiple users
3.      Offline consumers get a notification so that they can chat once they are back online
4.      Chat histories get saved for future reference, users can restart the conversation from where they left off
5.      Users can share additional images and details through the chat window
6.      Users can delete or block unwanted conversations

There are many reasons why I feel these are fantastic features and real icing on the cake –

1.      Anonymity
Chat connects with you person, yet keeps a distance between you and the person. There is a sense of comfort in chat and are socially better in chatting with strangers than talking.

2.      Record
Chat automatically keeps a record of what terms you discussed. This can avoid any future conflicts to both the parties.

3.      Easy to copy paste
It is easy to copy paste when multiple people need the same information, you need not repeat the same with every caller. Saves your precious time.

4.      Chat is silent
You may not be able to take calls everywhere – and might lose potential buyers. However chat requests are easier to entertain, especially in public places where you do not want everyone to listen that you are selling your old mattress.

 I would say Quikr NXT is a win-win update for all. 

And I can be assured that those intrusive marketing guys are at least not gonna come via Quikr :)

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