Saturday, March 7, 2015

She needs a Closure to Rest in Peace!

I am a very sensitive person in the words of my father. So sensitive that I avoid talking too much to people, as I can get attached in just few minutes and start crying. Extreme personality? Perhaps, you are right! That also explains why my husband ensured that I don't see the newspaper when Nirbhaya 'case' happened as those days, I was nursing my then two months old daughter. But how could an ugly blot that tarnished and shocked whole country remain hidden from me? No word exists that can describe the horrors a person went through just for being a woman. I felt devastated! As a nation, we all were!

Generally, Indians don't take to streets for common issues for we are too busy sorting our lives. But days that followed that awful night, saw the outraged common man mobilizing and pressurizing Government to take swift actions. Our otherwise 'badnaam' police force did an excellent job in catching those criminals in short time and the fast track court sentenced all except the juvenile to be condemned to death. Though we are a peace loving country, still divided on the idea of capital punishment, yet almost everyone was satisfied with the order. Case closed in the eyes of angry public. People went back to their lives fighting religiously (as always!) with daily chaotic issues of a developing country. There were occasional reports about the culprits whose fates were still under debate as the Case passed from one court to another.

Some time back, I was in office and just checking headlines when I noticed a news item that some lawyers are defending the criminals. I couldn't believe that. Not that how come such lawyers, who blamed the victim exists, but how come the Case was still pending for more than two years! The next hearing is still waiting with 'SUPREME COURT' for almost a year. Her parents must be living the hell each time they run from one court to another. Whole country first time asked for speedy justice and here the judiciary is still dragging it! Are we really some country or some 'Animal Farm'? I had to rush to washroom as I couldn't hold back my tears of anguish. My mind was numb.
That day, to this day nothing concrete has happened in that Case. Once in a while a news item or editorial articles and some comments by tea-lovers to mourn and criticize our inefficiency and painfully slow Judicial system. That's it!

Now I ask you, am I wrong if I say I don't care "why some foreign movie maker has created a documentary that gives a tight slap to our society"? I don't care if "her intentions were to grab some opportunity from a high profile Case or something else". I don't care "why the filmmaker chose India and not some other xyz country when rapes happen everywhere". I don't care if "she chose to interview the unrepentant rapists to make a sensational movie". For I care for just one thing - Closure! 'Nirbhaya' was part of us - part of you - part of me. She is US - she is YOU- she is ME. She wants closure. Her parents want closure. We want closure. Kill them or put them behind bars forever but for God sake, conclude the damn Case by sending a strong message and salvage the social order for women which is deteriorating day by day. Else be ready for such movies and other instruments that makes a mockery of our crippled system.

Oh yes, and there are other views (mostly political!) like the film stereotyped our men and not all men are bad. That the statements made by convicts will cause tension and fear among women in society. To such views - True, not all men are bad. But can't we see that the good ones are not enough who could have saved that girl and many others? The 'good' men are equally baffled as the thin fabric of our so called civilized society is torn down every now and then by few rotten minds. So if sensationalism is what it takes, if a country like India is what it takes, if showcasing the criminal mentality is what it takes - to mobilize people to control the sick section of society, to bring a closure to this barbarism (at least to some degree) - then so be it. No argument against the movie matters as all of them are hollow in comparison to the bigger cause. I am not ashamed that it is India for the groundwork in the movie rather I am sad that it was not an Indian who made such movie that can shake the world against this evil. You are free to call me weird but that won't stop me in saying "Thank you Leslee for making such documentary that woke us once again and ashamed our leaders for their ineptitude. Thank you for highlighting the infected minds of our narcissist society."

And even after this if we take just minutes to ban a documentary while taking years to finalize the punishment for these animals and bringing peace to India's daughter and her aggrieved parents, then maybe we deserve to be the laughing stock of the world! The choice is ours - either to become a fitting example of an ideal society or a f***** up one!!

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