Sunday, February 15, 2015

The digital heartthrob - Asus ZenFone

I must admit I am blown away by Asus completely. I have reviewed its new ASUS All In One PCET2040 and ASUS EeeBookX205TA in this post.

I have bought and using the EeeBook since last week. It’s light as a feather and beautiful and powerful. So, I started looking forward to all products by ASUS when I came across their ZenFone and looks like I have found my soulmate this valentine. 

Ya ya, I know I am married with a real guy and have gifted my heart for eternity to him but this is about my digital heart. See I am not a kind of person who go on switching one phone with another every next month or year. I am a person who would cut the toothpaste tube and lick even the last drop of paste from it. I won’t leave the poor guy unless out of fear from my atrocities, it flushes itself in.

Last week an unpleasant incident happened. Probably my present phone got the hint of my sadistic nature and it jumped in a bucket full of water. I have tried everything but it has refused to come out of the coma. So I am left with no other option than to buy another one. And Asus ZenFone has taken away my heart. Here have a look:

Isn't that something? Ok, so now you are smiling at me thinking that I am like those blonde beautiful woman who have empty heads. No dear. First of all I am not a Blonde but even if I had been than I will prove that all blondes are 'Legally Blonde' by giving five reasons why Asus ZenFone is the sexiest, smartest phone in town:

1.  Great Pricing: The ZenFones come in screen sizes of  4, 4.5, 5 and 6 inches ranging from low-end 4-inch ZenFone 4 for approx. Rs. 5,999 to the ZenFone 6 priced at aprox. Rs 16,999. 

2. Solid build quality: Asus ZenFone features a hard plastic chassis retaining a premium look and feel that is available in multiple colors, including gold and red. It’s not too flashy and thanks to the changeable covers, it’s not boring either and more importantly it is comfortable to hold.

3. Fantastic performance and Battery life: The ZenFone is available in 8GB and 16GB variants and both have expandable memory. The ZenFone supports dual-SIM functionality, 3G and 2G, Wi-Fi ‘n’ and Bluetooth v4.0. Battery talk time is more than sufficient to last more than 18 hours without requiring a charge

4. Smart Camera: ZenFone boasts of a powerful 8 MP camera which features an aperture value of f/2.2 and manages to capture good low-light-shots. The quality of pictures is pretty fantastic!

5. Processor Asus ZenFone is powered by Intem Atom processor - same family which powers my notebook on which I am writing this post. Needless to say this hyper threaded processor packs enough power to suit all your multitasking needs.

I could go on and on, but I guess I am too busy right now to choose the one for my date - what about you?

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    1. Ya it definitely seems.. I can vouch for their Eeebook as I am using one now.. For the phone I wish Asus gift me one :D


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