Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cricket, Hockey and Holidays

Sometimes life is so beautiful that u can't stop urself saying 'iam loving it'....sitting on p.c..listening romantics by kishore and jst simply typing..its nothing bt simply great...sometimes simplicity has so charms of its own that can make one smile continuously...

Patriotism is one feeling that makes the adrenaline rushing...i remember when i was child and have made the tricolor on I-Day..i was pained to see so many flags dumped here n there while returning frm school nd i kept my flag safely in my drawer nt to be lost later...thats the way i feel about..being patriotic means respecting the people of LAND...and thats hw one can go on loving the whole Humanity...and finally respect the supreme....

after so many years..i enjoyed the cricket yesterday...with family..watching our countrymen thundering and showering..enjoying coffee..cheering..shouting..laughing..thats called enjoying the life..independence..few days before we watched 'chak de'...hats off to shahrukh for his brilliant delivery..gr8 performance even better than 'Swades'..i think he is an all time best in his field without doubt..n the way Hockey has taken its place in our hearts its only due to that film otherwise the gr8 game which was born here was somewhere lost...hope it'll inspire the country to do good in the field of sports where it lags behing making our hearts ache...

* * *

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


The initial months at home were really very tough..fighting the mental depression my mind resolved to read GEETA everyday to find some spiritual does not relate anything religiously..but Geeta is a scripture that was available to me readily at home..and what else can be more peaceful than to search for the answers of our existence in a religious text..its really working..I seek myself in arjuna's simple queries..and find real solace in krishna's answers..
reading is my passion and writing my hobby..I have so many varieties but i find complete satisfaction when I read some holy and pure texts..last time it was when I was reading TULSIDASA's RAMCHARITMANAS..and I believe reading them means understanding their inner meaning rather than simply worshiping them..They guide me to think good and to live a better do what is right and to respect everyone...

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Following the heights of passion
When the world suddenly crashes down
before you could guess anything..
when there is darkness all around

All your Dreams when withers away
and turn into nightmares instead
just hold yourself tight together..
and keep the flames of hope hot red

For nothing can stop the man
Who believe in himself
In the days dark and horrible..
As fallen in the depth of a well

The world leaves the one who is weak
mocks on the face when time sleeps
Just keep clutching the robe of hope..
For hope only can make the time go

Hope can never die
it should not die..
never let it die..
as then it would mean
that you have died..
so the last thing on earth
that must not happen
is that you have lost hope
and have completely fallen...
so try try and try
and hope that someday you will win...
that this world will be on your feet
And your face can't stop to grin..

Friday, January 12, 2007

Is this LOve

A poem by a heart in love :)

When everything around you looks beautiful
When people around seems merry and cheerful
When autumn is as full of hope as spring
And when birds chirps always like church bells rings
The heart goes awry and sing this song
Ah! I'am in love- I know this all along...

When there is no fear for the dangers ahead
When someone holds you with a strong but a thread
When nobody is as dear as that one said
And when whole life you feel like newly wed
The heart goes mad and sing this song
Yes!This is love- I am sure all along...