Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pampering my little monster

Having a baby is more than a herculean task. No, I am not talking about all the going-through-labor-stuff. That is there too. But the real life starts after the birth of the little monster. Yeah, you read it right I am calling it a little monster,
cute little monster though. I can prove it through my real life story. I am the youngest and most pampered one in my family. When I bought my girl home, little did I realize that all my ME-time is gone for a toss. She needed to be pampered more than me! And the real tussle was making her asleep in the night. For during day there were many people around in my joint family to take care of her. But night-time we preferred handling her on our own. 

Being the first time parents, we were confused about even how to hold her properly. And probably she could sense our fears and would add to it by crying incessantly almost whole night. Thankfully, there were Pampers Active baby diapers, so one problem of keeping her dry during sleep was out. But the main problem was putting her to sleep and that too for whole night. Initial one year was horrible. As she would expect us to carry her in our lap whole night. We tried various rituals - giving her massage, singing lullabies, reading stories, sleeping before her, almost everything but she never showed pity on us. And as I told being the inexperienced parents we were, we would give in to her cries. I used to read people writing about the night time rituals they enjoyed with their kids and used to envy. I would put a big question mark on our capabilities as good parents. I started fearing the infant growing in to become a toddler. Sometimes I would feel that she is not the naive, innocent child but a clever person given the charge of disturbing our sleeps. So, you understood why I called her little monster. And on that nobody in my joint family favoured us but cuddle her instead. 

When the drama continued in the beginning of the second year and started affecting our health and lifestyle, I finally decided to take charge. It was time to make her realize that we are supposed to being followed and not the other way round. I tried the cry-it-out method and let her cry till she got tired and sleep herself. I literally put a stone on my heart and ignore her cries of pleas. Two-three nights and then she got the point. No use of blackmailing these stubborn people. Yipeeeeeeee. 

Now, my life is so much relaxed as I follow all those fancy, heart bonding rituals. I start with giving her a bottle of milk (I am working on getting rid of that bottle). While I change her into the magical Pamper dry pants. She dances when I put on her night dress and show off and say good night to all the other members. Then we brush together as she plays with her cute green 'chota-bheem' toothbrush. I give her a good leg massage while her dad read her Goldilocks and three bears, or Sage and the prince or Pied piper these days. We watch over her dearly as her eye-lids starts getting heavy and in no time she is fast asleep. And every night we fondly kiss her relaxed face goodnight and feel joy to be blessed with a cute little Angel :)

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