Friday, February 13, 2015

Dark Knight rises - A political commentary on AAP

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The recent Delhi elections results has brought the whiff of fresh air back into the lives of hopeful Indians.

The problem with India right from the days of slavery is how to bring together masses to fight for right cause. Somehow Gandhiji struck the right chord with his non-violence that peace -loving Indians accepted whole-heartedly that finally helped them attain freedom. But even after more than 60 years of Independence, India is still a developing country thanks to the old problem and selfish opportunists. Somehow, India against corruption (IAC) movement brought together all of us. The forces in power or hungry for power conspired to bring down IAC. The split of the movement and the creation of AAP created factions. The more vibrant and enthusiastic lot were hopeful with AAP but the finding-it-hard-to-trust-anyone and staunch idealists were too cautious and termed them as a bunch of opportunists. AAP started on the right note. With Kejriwal mingling with common man in common cities and towns and recognizing Delhi Assembly elections 2013 as its formal launch pad. The honest service class and below poverty line tired of corruption and underdevelopment had an instant liking for the party. The old-fashioned door to door campaigning worked wonders and AAP did amazingly in the elections surprising everybody including themselves except the evil forces that were more scared of the rise of the common class, the very people they were fooling and looting unabashedly. The strong bond between the innocent citizens and an honest party gave them shivers.

The evil began to forge their web of deceit and threw shrewd baits before the people and AAP. Bait no. 1 was to coax the party to form government. If they didn't they would comment that AAP is shrugging off responsibility and if they did then the other partner will blame them of joining hands with the ex-ruler. They wanted to snatch away the support AAP was getting from the naive peace loving common man. It was not a tough task. Just a seed of doubt needed to be planted. For in India, everybody is already fighting their own personal battles to invite any other social confusions. We all ultimately think let me take care of my life and others take care of the rest. This thinking made us slave for 200 years. So bait no. 2 was twisting of facts and sensationalism in the bad light of anything even remotely connected to AAP. Add to it the inexperience of most of its leaders, infiltration of some real opportunist, over-enthusiasm of Kejriwal- his team and wrong ambitions in short time made AAP to fall like a house of cards in and after the general elections. Everything happened exactly how the great powers had wanted except one thing - it couldn't break down the man of steel Kejriwal who simply brushed aside the 'idiot' tag like a mosquito from his skin and made the funny looking caricature of 'muffler-man' as his improved Avatar. AAP suffered but it made a point not to die but introspect instead. They started rebuilding themselves again playing by the same rules - dedication and truth. Hence, they first accepted their mistakes - apologized and then door- to door campaign. The result is before us.

Some people claim that the staggering win registered by AAP is signal of defeat for BJP esp. for the face of the party, Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Definitely it has nothing to do with Modi. Had Delhi elections happened immediately after Kejriwal resigned as AAP too desired, AAP would have won clear majority then also. This huge, that I am not sure but at least clear majority. You see whatever was being portrayed to rest of the nation, Delhi knew that AAP did try to implement good governance in 49 days and its debacle was more due to inexperience and shrewd and cunning game played upon AAP by seasoned politicians. Kejriwal did get swayed away by his emotions but that was more due to his fervor to bring on a revolution than any false ambitions as being portrayed. Whole country looked down upon him as we were served with negative and fabricated news. But Delhi was the ranbhoomi - the real witness of what really was happening. They chose BJP in Center not because they started hating AAP but just like rest of the nation they were tired of hung parliament and wanted a clear majority govt. at the Center.

AAP strategy of making Odds in favor

What happened was for good. AAP needed to learn to slow down and prove themselves. They needed to understand that in India only passion wont work. They need to play it smart in a diverse culture like us. And now a clear majority will give them a fair chance. Now let’s wait and watch what wonders AAP carries. Once again the common man is ready to observe the political scenario with bated breath. Once again the common man is trying to find that glimpse of hope. Once again the common man is keeping his fingers crossed. The path is tough. Time will tell and define whether AAP can keep up in the fight against external vs internal evils. If it performs than we have an honest, ideal young leader and party for next general elections (I would be more than happy to have a prime minister under 60 shaking hands with US president :D), if it doesn’t we have anyways nothing to lose for nobody till now seemed to have followed the golden rule -"With great power comes greater responsibility". Whatever happens one thing is clear Delhi has shown once again why it is the heart and capital of India. Whole world witnessed how Delhi can turn the fortunes and decide the fate of kings in overnights while following the Indian principles of forgiveness. We can accept Mughals, British, Italians then Kejriwal to aakhir apna hi banda hai :)  May Delhi become the world class city as it deserves to be one.