Saturday, March 8, 2014

Is it dawn yet?

A real woman or a GentleWoman or a woman of steel as I like to call, always carries the virtue of compassion, irrespective of the heights she achieves. My friend, an HR in a private firm, was criticized by her boss when she suggested celebrating Women's day in her office. The irony is that her boss happens to be a woman, who believes that in today's time both gender are equally thriving so there is no need for a special day for women. It is sad that such successful women in their arrogance have lost the very essence of womanhood - empathy. These women are so blinded in the glory of their own accomplishments, living in some imaginary utopian society that they fail to acknowledge that they are more of an exception. On one hand we have so many success stories but on the other there are numerous women who are still alien to the concept of 'free will'.

I am not a feminist but I breathe in a woman's body. My various experiences with several women in our society have educated me that only few actually get to live their life according to their wishes. They are so much conditioned for all the rules they have to follow that they are clueless as to what they want or what they don't. A woman's identity is still curbed in the name of culture and sacrifices for family. No culture or sacrifice is greater than a human's will. But what make the heart literally cry out are the incidents of the crimes done against women by disguised monsters roaming freely everywhere. From an Aruna Shanbaug to an Esther Anuhya, there are countless nameless girls who didn't get to even live a life just because they were born as a woman and were perceived as an object. It is for their sake we need to have women of steel.

Emancipated women have great responsibility as they are looked upon as role models by others. Howsoever successful a woman may become, she is truly admired, only when she holds on to her virtue of kindness. 

To ignore the fact that women liberalization has just begun, and is still in nascent stages, is living in denial. We cannot afford to have some 'elites' who feel times have already changed because it is not dawn yet.  

So, hello Madam, wake up to the reality! For in this world, a Women's day is not only needed, but is not enough, as long as even a single woman is advised to stay inside after sunset in order to be safe and alive. A woman's day is needed until the stones start singing that 'She's a woman - a human - a life - a dream - a will and a right to live - at her own terms!'.