Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's all in my heart

I am a woman. I belong to middle-class family. I am a citizen of a developing country riddled with social as well as economic issues.

Needless to say, I live a life full of constraints. I grew up with a cobweb of rules around me. But heart is blind to worldly affairs.
It has its own mind, it follows its own rules and wander in its own dream land. I often wonder what would be my innermost desires if in some imaginary land I get to live a life without any boundaries. Here is the list of my top 5 wishes in the order of the most weirdest to least:

5. Produce, script, Direct, Act in Bollywood/Hollywood movie: Hehe this is the wildest possible dream. I am a movie buff and I love to act. Watch this movie of mine to see how much big time nautanki I am as it is all scripted. I would give my best to make a good meaningful Movie that could move its audience and win awards :P

4. Owning an Art Studio: I am good at art esp. Painting (see my Brushstrokes). But I can't do it in tight spaces and hence, most of the times I don't do it at all. One of my wild dream is to have my own Art studio at a posh location. I would love to do its interiors every 6 months or so and would create life size paintings like professionals.

3. Open a self-sustaining modern Orphanage: I love kids’ esp. after becoming a mother. It breaks my heart to see kids without parents as childhood is precious and deserves to be loved and cherished. Hence, I want to build a modern Orphanage with good facilities like club house, library etc to give wandering, not so able kids a chance of leading a respectful life. Well, and it will definitely keep me hale and hearty being surrounded by so many cute, innocent children in my old age :) It is my favorite dream.

2. Travel at least 3 times around the year: I have this mole in my feet which everybody used to tell me that it meant I would travel a lot. Hence, I grew up dreaming about travelling throughout my life. Whenever I do travel I feel my soul has refreshed. But life is busy and finance is a big constraint given the inflation rate. If I am #BefikarUmarBhar I would plan for trips around the world every four months at least. 

1. Own a Villa: No not a super spacious Bungalow. Just a 2000 sq ft. Villa with a garden would do for me. I have shifted base after marriage to Bangalore. Just like any other part of our country it is densely populated and more so because of large number of IT migrants. Hence, Bangalore has Apartment culture. Prices are sky-rocketing for a good piece of land in decent localities. But if somehow, I have no finance worries I would buy a Villa for my family. I would love to watch my daughter running happily on ground among plants and flowers, and having my own kitchen garden allowing me to cook healthy, nutritious food for my family.

I know most of my wish list is weird but that is what I told you before, it is all about my Dreamland.

* * *

Thanks IDBI for giving me this prompt that made me stop in my busy life to ponder on my Bucket list.


  1. I wish I could own a villa too...I mean apartments are fine but a villa is, well, a villa ! sigh!

    Random Thoughts Naba..Fifty Shades Of Criticism....

    1. Nothing can beat that pleasure.. this is one edge small towns has over big cities, no? :) Oh, how I love my home at Saharanpur...


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