Saturday, February 28, 2015

Buying Selling car through Quikr

It is an old news that Quikr is emerging out to be the best among all the selling-buying online platform.
With their new innovative ideas with latest being Quikr Nxt, like instant messaging chat and number privacy, Quikr has proved its upper hand over its competitors in Indian Market. Piyush and I often discuss about replacing our 6 year old Swift with a new car. With the new Quikr promotional Adv., I wondered how convenient and pleasant it would be to do it via the new online champion. A little sneak peek and I discovered the various advantages and most importantly smooth as well as transparent transaction through Quikr.

I signed up and tried posting for the ad and found the following features very helpful.

1. Easy to fill vehicle description form with important details like year of manufacture, the number of kilometres that you have driven the car for, the brand’s name and model number, the fuel type etc.
2. Helpful tooltips for describing my vehicle
3. Maximum selling price calculator based on specifications I provided and current market trend. This helped me to understand the true worth of my car.
4. Most importantly adding a photograph of because people would know exactly what the vehicle looks like and contact me accordingly.
5. Free ad posting and no brokerage fee to be paid.

I was satisfied with the portal as I put the ad for my Car. But the star attraction is the instant chat. First of all, there are no false calls and all the messages I am getting are of serious potential buyers. Another headache would have been delivery but Quikr has taken care of even that. It means that I would be able to sell my car at competitive price while just sitting at home. No more running after car dealers and posting expensive newspaper Ads.

But what about buying a car. I want to exchange my old car with another newer car. First I thought of buying a brand new one but after going through the wonderful experience of selling, I decided to look for a used one online. I have different criteria like I want to buy a silver or white premium hatchback. So I browsed through the portal and found it to be pretty impressive. I noticed that I can define my searches by adding filters for locations, budget range, make of the car, the type of engine that a car must have, the number of kilometres that the car has been on the road for and even the gear shifting mechanism. It seems Quikr has all the options.

Selling and buying a used car should be a convenient process from which both buyers and sellers should benefit and Quikr is doing a great job!

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