Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Victim and the Perpetrator - Short Story

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He came to me with eyes seething in anger and hatred. He wanted to hurt me with some modern weapon in his hand. The night was dark as the skin of a cobra, hissing through the sounds of winds. 

My baby was sleeping peacefully in my arms. He gave a look to us and something changed in his eyes. I could see it was compassion. Yes, it could not have been anything different. His hand lowered for a second and then came a voice, “They didn’t show pity on our women and kids”. His love suddenly vanished and the anger came surging back. In a flash I heard the blast and two holes pierced in our bodies. My baby died quietly in my arms but I died with my eyes on him. There was no anger or hatred in his gaze, but pain lot of pain. Pain that connected me to him in my final breath and I forgave him.

I wish our deaths soothed his pain but I knew it only got increased. He’ll understand that but it will be too late. Until he meets me again in some other world!