Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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Few months back I was surprised to find a familiar but unexpected face sending me friend's request on my Facebook account. I should confess that more than surprised I was actually pleased to find the presence of my cook on the famous social networking site. He is a hard working guy from different part of the country migrated to Bangalore for regular income. We often advise him to take proper rest as he works in too many houses. But he needs money to send home! Where was the scope of anything else until the advent of cheaper and affordable smart phones? He asked us to order one for him online. And few days later after he got his new gadget he was on Facebook.

In a densely populated country like India where Per Capita Income is calculated around Rs 7,378/Month, owning a laptop is a luxury that only few percentage can afford. On top of that operating a laptop requires a basic understanding of computers and most importantly a relaxed life. With elementary education taking backseat in below poverty line's life, the former is impossible. And the relaxed life factor - well, you gotta be kidding! In our country we work like donkeys to make the ends meet.

So, I would say the invention of cheap smart mobiles is nothing short than a miracle to us. But we have more than the general reasons to celebrate Mobile social networking. Though in recent years, it has helped Indians to express themselves more candidly, handle their social as well as personal issues more maturely, given them voices to fight against issues, given them international exposure that has  broadened their mindset and perspectives, and above all given everybody an alternate source of entertainment. Still, there is another far greater effect of mobile social networking.

You see we used to make everyone around us uneasy with our poking gaze and brazen manners. We
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have this birth right of trespassing into the personal life of others. I used to get irritated when while waiting for a train at station, or my turn at a bank or traveling in metro, people waiting idly would just scan me from top to bottom and stare at me unabashedly. Only few would engage in static activities like reading or listening music using headphones. The national past-time was gawking. Men would stare for obvious reasons but even women were not left behind. Staring and making a mental note and comments about others lifestyle, would make anyone uncomfortable. I am sure all of us have been in such situation and unknowingly all of us have been doing the exact same thing. Sprouting from this seed of boredom was our impatient attitude that would drive us in breaking queues, getting into ugly scenes for space in a packed bus or trains and letting our creative streaks erupt as ugly graffiti at improper places.

But recently these things have begun to change. No more people are sitting idle and gaping at each
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other. With minds happily engaged in browsing through tweets, checking that little red icon in FB profile, or whatsapp an interesting PJ to old college friends, we have become tolerant while on move. We are no longer concerned if the lady sitting beside is wearing a saree or jeans, or if the swarm  outside passport office is swelling or if we are hanging on that pole in the overcrowded bus for more than an hour. We are no longer a nation of bored housewives who would sit before television cutting veggies or tired husbands whose world only revolves around work or family. We are no longer a nation of retired old men who sit idly counting hours in a day or MILs whose only goal is to exercise control on their DILs. Our ladies and men are now socialites, multi-talented, strong opinionated and confident lot. Because we are lot more connected anytime, anywhere. We take absolutely no worries and it looks like finally we are arriving to become a nation of cool people. 

After all, forwarding the forwarded message is the forward thing to do in these forward times.

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  1. Hah! Can't agree more... the national pastime of gawking has been replaced by that of Facebooking and Tweeting or WhatsApping...
    Very well written Roohi, absolutely enjoyed... :-)

  2. Seriously Roohi... lol ..
    You are so right ..and Like Maniparna , I too, love this particular point :)
    ladies specially housewives have truly become more confident and are not simply gossiping as soon as the husband leaves for office ...
    A well written piece ..loved it :) All the best for the contest Roohi :)

  3. Yes social media has changed the world and its citizens.
    Great post.

  4. I am sick and tired of all this forwarding .. so much waste of time I feel .. now look a message is sent to 10 people they sent to 10 more and so one .. if it takes 1 second to read and 1 to forward.. just imagine how many seconds :)

    but as you say the changing face of technology has changed a lot of things


    1. hehehehe Agree Bikram.. not only its a waste of time but sometimes the messages are really senseless..


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