Saturday, November 23, 2019

Sounds of Quiet - #poem

Whirling waves in the heart of oceans,
Trembling thunders in the dust of clouds ,
Violent volcanoes in the depth of mountains,
And yet, surrendered all sounds to the joys of quiet.

So many words that I could have chosen,
Thoughts aspirations and hidden desires
Let only float in my eyes with contention
For, I have surrendered all sounds to the joys of quiet.

They tell I can be the master of this 
Those tell I can be the master of that
May be all are right but how does that matter,
When, one has to surrender all sounds to the joys of quiet.

So listen to my one bit, coz I promise  words have ceased to excite me
Silence no more is compulsion but my golden friend
I can teach you too how it inspires glee

But wait.. who am I to teach an inspiration
To speak that which can only be felt and can’t be expressed
It might not come to you any day or it may
If it does then you too will surrender all sounds to the joys of quiet.

That day we’ll talk our hearts out my friend,
And how real that conversation will be,
No spoken word yet the quiet will reveal each others..
Thoughts aspirations desires and dreams..

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Internet - A parent's dilemma #ChroniclesOfAnITmomma

I think it was just a year before my high school when I became curious about Internet. We didn't have it at home. We didn't have even a computer at home that time. It was the newspapers where I first read about it. Nobody in my family knew about it. And I was so curious!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Main jahan rahoon.... on 26th Jan

One year ago we moved for the first time to another country. Moved from our country of origin to a completely foreign location. My wandering soul as always embraced this as an opportunity to traverse new lands n skies, converse with new different people, soak in diverse cultures.