Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I pray for your well-being

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Strange even when we are angry with people we love, we wish all is well at their end...

O my heart, please don't be sad
I know you are hurt, times are bad
Just don't lose hope, hang on with me
Together we can change our destiny

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You know I can't stand your fears
Just keep on praying for all our dears
No matter what they do to you
You stick to them lovingly like glue

Even if distance keep us apart
Angrily they put us in shadows dark
Still you forgive them and forget
Pretend to pains that we never met

Do not fret why we can't be together
Let life be light just like a feather
For my loved ones may be far away
But knowing they are happy makes my day

Each morning, O my dear delicate heart
Pray for my kind to have good start
Promise this till you beat your last
You'll never give up on our part