Thursday, March 18, 2010

Eternal Heavens

A poem, a song by romantic heart passionately in love :)

I was afraid to fall into it...

oh how afraid I was

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Slowly Dying

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This poem is a woman's cry when she realizes her individuality is taken away, her soul is getting killed in the name of ideal society. She faces it and finally opens up her mind before her lover-her soulmate- the almighty!!

When my world was crashing all around
When my soul was crying not to be bound
When my eyes were swollen with pains of despair
Oh! how I missed my crazy flair

you couldn't see it..
but it was there
Yes it was there
so very near
I was dying a slow death

The tongue was frozen with it
I couldn't realize it was in bits
Everything inside was in haste
Oh! how sweet was it to taste

you couldn't see it..
but it was in me
the poison so sweet
so very sweet
that I was dying a slow death

Stop me please, if only you could
As i had thought only you would
Save me please from this plight
where everything seems not so right

coz you couldn't see it..
but its going to happen
slowly but yes its there
so very near
that i am dying a slow death
My slow so very slow death...