Friday, February 20, 2015

I belong to you, you to me - Short story

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"Have compassion for all beings, rich and poor alike, each has their sufferings." - Buddha

For years I have lived envying the happiness of others. For years I have lamented over my fate. For years I have complained life is unfair to me. For years I have blamed others for all the bad things happening all around.  For years I have wanted a chance when I can prove I am superior. And one fine day I woke up to realize I have finally proved. Now the game was reversed - now others lamented while I rejoiced. I relished having it all.

Until one night when I couldn't sleep. For there remained nothing to be wished. I had everything as per my whims and wishes. I was tossing left and right in my comfort zone when I began to recognize some voice. Those shrieking voices started to grow over me, until I could bear them no longer. I desired in that moment those sounds to stop, so I got up to see where and who it was. I opened the curtain of my eyes to find those who were suffering. Their miseries or my ignorance of their miseries were initially reasons of my joy but now it became the reason for my restlessness. I still tried to ignore and savour my success but my success began to topple as I no more could concentrate in the menace of those noise. I tried all that I could do to suppress, oppress and silence the noise but that only made it worse. My ears began to pain and my eyes started to bleed. My world was coming down. In despair I became mad and wandered aimlessly in the direction of the noise.

On that path of despair, I came across my adversaries, my past companions, my relations, all beings - all those I either despised, blamed or ignored. All those who made me feel inferior once upon a time, those I never cared to ask for their well-being, those whose pain I never noticed, all those were wriggling in agony. That same teasing pain once sickened me but later fed my vanity, and now the cause of my debacle, my insomnia. I moved forward in my insanity and touched them. Instantly, I felt their pain and knew they were no different. That we all belong to each other. Our happiness is in sharing our sufferings and be gentle to each other. 

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Suddenly, I was awake from my dream and realized my true purpose. My world came back to normal and I no longer was an actor in the stage of the world. For I am the reason of joy to many. For I carry a part of divinity. For love is blossoming in my heart. Empathy is my deed, forgiveness is my belief, kindness is my religion and peace is my success. My heart compassionate to all the sufferings including mine. 

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A fictional attempt to spread compassion in dark times, #1000speak