Thursday, April 10, 2014


I wrote these lines some 7 years back, publishing it now...

I remember the face of a child

Who was not more than five

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chronicles of an IT Momma- All in a days work

A day of an IT Momma- I am sitting in a meeting room listening intently to senior executives giving company insights. There is a reward n recognition ceremony also ahead. I realize that the meeting is extending beyond the scheduled hour so I might need to plan for my onsite call.

Suddenly, my mobile buzzes from a call from my home. Its a rare thing as nobody calls from my home during office hours so I excuse myself from the meeting to attend the important call.
"Hello, what happened? everything fine?", I ask in concern. "Yes, but where is the diaper cream?". Diaper cream,.. Diaper cream,..Diaper cream "It should be on the table.. No wait I think I left it on the bed in hurry.. No wait, wait.. it must be in Pihu's wardrobe.. in its drawer..yes yes .. sure in the drawer". I get relieved as indeed it was in the drawer.

I hung up and join back the meeting and cheer for my teammate who is getting a reward. We attend the onsite call and discuss the days work. - i'm lovin' it :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chronicles of an IT Momma - A special bond

   Its 11 PM. I am writing this piece as I look at Pihu who is sleeping peacefully in her Daddy's arm. It has been another busy day. But compared to what we were going through just a month ago, these are relaxed nights. Pihu couldn't sleep on herself. All through the nights, she would wake up every one or two hours, sometimes even in 15-20 minutes and would cry till we put her to sleep again in our lap. Tired of office and previous nights, both of us were clueless as how to calm her, so we would give in easily to her wails.We were literally suffering at the hands of our little innocent daughter.
This went on till one of my friend, who is a stay at home (SaH) Mom, strongly advised me to let her cry on Friday nights and continue same on Saturday and Sunday nights.  She told me there is nothing to feel guilty about her crying as this is for her own good. Just two weekends and now my girl sleeps on herself. I owe this and many other simple tricks to my friend.

Another friend, who also happens to be a SaH Mom for three kids, was going insane doing all the day tasks. She started venting out her frustrations on her kids when I noticed and talked about it to her. "I can't stand messy bedroom", she replied. "Relax! You are overloaded. Just get a maid to assist you. You just need to keep the Bed uncluttered as it occupies major part of your room. Instruct the maid to take care of clothes, books and toys and ask your kids to help her. It will be fine and you will get some 'Me' time!”  I shared with her other simple tricks I follow that help me to keep my work-life in balance. We often discuss things not related to kids and she feels good.

Motherhood is a wonderful experience in a woman's life. A Woman happily drowns in the ocean of love for her children. She can willingly sacrifice her own happiness just to relish its sweetness. And so we always have many career women who let their hair down once they become mother. On the other hand, there are conditions or will in certain women that prompt them to continue in their career. In my opinion, there should not be any rule for a mother to quit or continue unless there is some crisis. Although kids should be number one priority and it is best if the child is safe and his upbringing is ensured to be decent with family support or likewise but still a woman has every right to make her own decisions that should be respected.

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Either ways, I have realized that both working mothers and stay at home Moms have their challenges but they have many things to offer to each other as well and so, they can share a great bond.  As I started working after a long break, I know how busy and efficient a SaH Mom is. I prefer exchanging tips with my friends who are proud SaH Moms. This is how we help each other to realize that in our own ways- we both are doing fine, if not great!