Sunday, February 1, 2015

My First Bloggers' Meet

I started my blog in 2006 when I got to know about the blogging platform and that I can be more public about my views and writings. Not a regular blogger until 2012, I was on and off blogging given my hectic real life.
So, I knew about the informal bloggers meet, when many bloggers would connect and decide to meet their virtual friends, but never attended any. Being an introvert and recluse in my real life my virtual life personality was no different until I signed up for indiblogger. And thanks to product marketing, there are good, professional Bloggers meet happening round the year.

Friday Jan 30, 2015 I attended my first Bloggers meet sponsored by ASUS for Indibloggers. I met new faces, exchanged contacts with many, got to know more about new babies by ASUS from its Products Manager (Read more on them in my review here) and had a delicious Dinner, all in the grand ambiance of 5 star ITC Gardenia. I liked it? Oh man, I absolutely loved it. Though I am not a socialite but I was thrilled meeting people from different spheres of life having a common passion for writing and just as mad and young at heart as me. There were software guys or Government officers or college students or teachers or homemakers or artists, all coming together in real place and time just because they have things to tell and share with the world. Wow!!

With a heavy identity check at the gate, the event kick started with a rocking performance by Indiblogger band, followed by games where we had to mingle among ourselves, know each other and share one of our personal item as a token of friendship - it was fun and ice-breaker for most of us. Then a brief overview of ASUS ebook and notebook by its products manager who later answered all kinds of queries. I loved the last activity where four teams were made out of 200+ people and we had to perform a skit to promote blogging based on a secret theme. Everybody was in sport. My team had the theme of old hindi movies and so we planned a skit with all famous dialogues - "Mere paas facebook hai, twitter hai, instagram hai- tumhare paas kya hai?", "mere paas Blogger hai","ek chhote se comment ki kimat tum kya jaano, Ramesh Babu" and finally singing our hearts out with -

"Dum maaro dum, Blogging karenge hum
Bolo subah shaam , Blogging karna apna kaam"

All these activities were super exhilarating with live tweets pouring from the attendees for #GoSleeekAsusExperience. All in all it was full of "Entertainment, entertainment and entertainment"
Some pics from Indiblogger:


  1. This was my first ever meet in professional blogging life.:). And skit reveals that "Our creativity goes beyond the knowledge & Imagination". I am glad to be a part this team.

    Thank You Everyone...!!!


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