Thanks for stopping by my virtual space in making as I create it by adding little drops of colors here, and some grains of words there. 

I am not too young, not too old, I am not too lame and not too mature. I am a doting mother learning to juggle between my passions and my other personal and professional commitments.

My name, Roohi, has connotations with being full of soul. Our soul is something that defies age and time. It has been there ever since. This blog, Soulful, is a record of my journey to connect with my timeless ethereal soul, something I guess we all yearn for. (Though I have another family travel blog where I record the travel diaries of my sojourns with family - SoulfulExcursions) Soulful is my quest through my musings and brushstrokes - a glimpse of my wanderings and experiments with words and colors.

These days I am on an indefinite break from IT to pursue my other passions, still when once someone asked me, why I am an IT professional when I can paint and when I also write, probably better than I am with computers :). My reply was "IT is my karma (duty); while writing & painting is my dharma (belief)..." I would always believe that both are equally important. Along with fulfilling karma, following the dharma helps to be constantly aware of the being, the soul. My writings and paintings are a reflection of that and thus I share my work through this blog.                                                             

I would love to know you, write a comment, leave a note, feel free to contact if you like as you explore this world of mine.     

Hoping, our rendezvous will last forever...  Don't forget to check out my Travel Blog :) and 
Be soulful...

~ Roohi ~