Sunday, August 3, 2014

For you, my Birthday!

On 1st Aug, I celebrated another year in the fourth decade of my life. Being a Leo woman I prefer not to count the years once I completed my silver jubilee but getting old have its own charms. Especially during the years when you can still manage to win compliments like "Really, you don't look that old" or "Are you really a Mom!"
But the highlight of my birthday was a fall I had on the wet floor in the cafeteria of my office. These heels I was wearing are one of the very comfortable ones in my collection and I can carry them effortlessly. Only on that fateful moment, I failed to notice the floor being mopped and continued walking in the fast pace, when suddenly I realized that gravity has taken hold of me and I am embarrassingly sitting on my knees. The first reaction was same as with everyone- who else has witnessed the goofy event. Second reaction, is anyone laughing or smiling as then it would be easy, I'll laugh along too. But thankfully there were just 4-5 people who looked more concerned than amused. Lastly, third reaction - "Seriously! I toppled on my birthday in public." But alas! I took deep breath as I realized that I am still young enough to tumble without a hairline fracture in the hip joint. 

Feeling happy about the last fact, I gleefully wore heels to the evening dine out ignoring the minor accident. After all, I am a Leo woman- the sort of female who prefers hiding under the bed or behind the curtains rather than not to look at her best on special occasions! And you don’t trot in flats on your birthday dinner, right ladies?

Next day I could hear the knee complaining, "Umm, this is to remind you that how hard you pretend but here is the reality, you are not 25 and I am slowly wearing out.” I explained to the poor fellow, "Come on, you are still young, aren't you? Look at Hillary." So in the evening feast with family, I again wore another pair of heels which were just a little more challenging than the first ones.

The episode went fine and see these pictures, I could carry myself gracefully like a true Leo showing not even a hint of discomfort. 

And I wouldn't have been tempted to write this post today had it not been my whole right leg complaining about the torture it went through for two days because of my eagerness to wear heels.

I can shut the screams of the body aches with painkillers. But you see I am the Leo woman so I guess time for yogas and badmintons :)

After all, I have just turned 25!!