Sunday, March 1, 2015

Angels in my life

Every person who is living life through each day is an achiever. We all are fighting our own battles but can we compare our struggles and success with anyone? For what may be just a few centimetres for any human is a long tiring journey for an Ant. But does that make an Ant a lesser being or a human any superior?

People closer to me say that I have it all and if I don't compare myself with long line of celebrities than yes, I would say that I have it all. But the kind of struggles I have gone through which might be nothing according to others, have been big enough for me to hate my life. If not for those people who time to time guided me and directed my will to win over my own trepidations. But was there just one person who helped me? No. For a girl who was as timid as myself to be scared to even speak properly even before her School rickshaw puller, who was scared to ride a bicycle, who was scared to travel alone to other parts of country, my life has been certainly shaped by many people, many angels who taught me to be self-reliant. Even the people who gazed at me with prejudice including some of my school-teachers, peers and colleagues helped me to work on myself and to be better.
As I have told you before, you might find my struggles to be ridiculous. But they used to give me nightmares, even sleepless nights. Like the day when my friend slapped me hard on cheek just like that without any reason but only because I was a shy girl. Had it not been my elder sister who wiped my tears and taught me to give back to people who bully you, I would have always acted victim in my life. And then when my homemaker mother who just pushed the meek fourteen year old in me to paddle my way on cycle even when my classmates progressed to learn a scooter, wasn't she teaching me to try harder and to never give up? How can I forget the friends who introduced me to myself and made me leave all my complexes and feel comfortable in my own skin? What can I say about an elder brother who motivated me to go all alone to Mysore from a small town in U.P. for my job training, didn't he indirectly helped me to broaden my horizon and spread my wings? What connection I should assume with a Life-coach teacher whom I met only couple of times but who showed me the right path for the most difficult decision of my life in choosing a person as my life partner (read my story)? And above all, the father who never discriminated between a daughter and a son and provided us with equal opportunities in everything. Wasn't he teaching me that no one has got any right to stop me from what I want to achieve just because I am a woman?

Today, I love my life and I am a confident person who find ways to contribute back to society. It is all because of those people who have constantly helped me to be a better person and most importantly to love myself enough to be self-dependent. I simply hope to become such source of inspiration to my daughter as I want her to grow into a self-reliant and compassionate person.

A life is shaped and influenced by many people. I have tried to describe some of my Angels. I would be elated if you share with me some of yours? Do write in the comments below.
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