Friday, March 6, 2015

Five point something for my kid

What a wonderful feeling is to have a baby! Ever since I have taken a break from active professional life, I am marvelling at my toddler's itsy-bitsy activities each day. And I feel as if she too is enjoying having a happy Mommy at her service for full day. What else can explain her waking up smilingly every morning? The girl who was giving us tough nights till few months ago (read here), now wishes us Good-morning and showers us with hugs and kisses.
Raising a toddler is very hectic. I have learned that nothing else can please a child as much as having parents who are always cool and patient. But only those parents can manage to keep themselves sane who are performing smartly in this otherwise tough job. Here are few pointers through which we can still manage to have some time for ourselves while keeping a Baby happy.

1. Use Comfortable Diapers until Baby is potty trained: I used Pampers Diapers for her which keeps her dry. Pihu is a strong willed girl with a mind and ways of her own. She was not readied to be potty trained till she was 2. Potty Training is one of the many things that vary from child to child. Still it can give parents tense moments that they are not doing enough. To avoid being overwhelmed, I used to make her wear diapers while going out as well as whenever I wanted to relax or needed some me during a day. I trust the brand for her comfort. When she started understanding us better, we made her Potty trained.

2. Enjoy with your kid: I used to be very duty-bound towards my daughter, always worrying about her diet, bath, hygiene that I forgot the basic rule - spend time with her.  I would play only to distract her so that I can make her eat. And being a strong-willed child as I have told you before, Pihu would see through my 'schemes' and would not eat worrying me even further. Then it dawned upon me that she want more of my time. Now I play with her, sing to her, dance with her and she likes Mommy and her company :) That means she eats willingly and all the more active and playful.

3. Good overnight sleep: Number one - a baby should be well-fed before going to bed. Pihu gave us difficult nights until we realized she is not full. Number 2 - Baby should be dry. From the start I used Pampers Active as it can stand up to 12 hours keeping baby dry. We would sleep peacefully without worrying about her being sleeping on wet bed. That meant both Mommy and Baby have their beauty sleep to play cheerfully next day :)

4. Let them Explore: I have come to understand this that babies don't like every thing to be spoon fed. They want to figure out things on their own. You don't need to follow up with them for everything. Just make sure the surroundings are safe and let them loosen up. Don't fret about room getting messy, or their hands getting dirty. Let them experience life on their own. Nothing else can make them this happier than seeing that you want this too for them, while also allowing you to chill and relax.

5. Appreciate and don't reprimand: I appreciate my girl on her good conduct. And lately I have come to the conclusion that there is never any need to get angry on a child. Though sometimes its hard to be calm as I am myself very short on temper. But now I have learned to just smile and hug my daughter whenever she errs. Calmly explaining her that her particular behaviour
is not good make her more understanding. She also loves me more that way and want to please me.

All these things don't take much effort on our part and ensures that we enjoy our darling's babyhood, instead of killing ourselves for having a baby :P

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Prompted by Pampers


  1. Such a sensible post Roohi. No 5 - oh so tough. I'm still struggling with it.

    1. Even I struggle with it sometimes, Tulika.. :) Not easy raising kids..


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