Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Discovering Vivanta

Welcome to Vivanta, my realm. I am Ruhaan, just an ordinary guy here but that doesn't stop me in introducing you to the amazing society we have here.

You see, we are very simple people and every other being you are going to find here is just another simpleton. Nobody here is more or less privileged. We live by just one custom - "Follow Thy Heart" as our heart never lies to us and it can guide us to our true destiny. We are not too many, neither too less. It is because we mate not for pleasure but only to reproduce when our heart tells that we have found our true soul-mate. We are not some random lost population working night and day for meeting senseless aims and running in some futile race. We all believe in work hard and party harder. Each of us understand why we are sent here and hence, we work to achieve that goal. Nobody, and with nobody I literally mean nobody, wastes the time here blaming others. We all understand our gifts as well as our limitations. We were born somehow wired with that, errrr wisdom! I believe our creator made us that way - maybe to simplify things. We have artists, scientists, philosophers, administrators and other professionals. Each one toiling hard to achieve one common objective - to spread happiness. Evil keeps itself at bay limited to natural calamities which actually brings us closer to each other.
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I often have dreams about another world, they call Earth which is quite in contrast from here. If you belong to Earth than I am sure you'll agree with me. I often hear some strange words like hatred, conflicts, ego, and greed echoing in my dreams. I have no idea what all these mean. But I assume they might be opposite to the religions we follow here. Oh yes, religion is one word which is common to both the worlds but the manifestation is completely different here. We have just two religions - Love and Compassion. But both of them are followed together here. People who believe in love have no choice but to show compassion while the ones who believe in compassion are full of love. But the best part of my world is the Mother Nature. She talks to us in her deep voice and guides us frankly. Mother Nature is very sacred to us and she is always happy and showers us with her blessings in the form of timely rains, sunshine, vegetation, unlike the Mother Nature at earth. Sometimes I wake up from my deep slumber due to horrible shrieks of pleas by the Mother Nature of earth. Once I spoke with her in my dream and she told me how humans there have stopped heeding to her. They have started to build their own kind of world. Instead of Mother Nature, they have created their own numerous Gods and worship something they call 'Money' instead. She has lost her voice over there and so has all the wildlife that is either tamed or hunted down. The Earthlings in my dreams are very scary.

I should not speak about it anymore otherwise I will get nightmares tonight. Let me tell you about the abundance of wealth we have here. We all are very rich people as our founding fathers have sown the seeds of sharing and contentment. We were told that the more we share our joys and sorrows the more we'll prosper. So whenever anyone is sad or in pain, the ones who are richer, means cheerful, help them to overcome their miseries gracefully. Good deeds are all reciprocated here. Bad deeds happen but unintentionally and our religion makes us to quickly forgive and forget. I can write tons of books about my world but I must hurry. My foster parents (I was an orphan) are waiting patiently but eagerly for me at dinner. So rest of it sometime later. Let me just wrap this up with our Vivantian prayer:

"Empathy is my deed, forgiveness my belief, love is my religion and peace I seek. My heart compassionate to all the sufferings including mine."

This is Vivanta - we create, we love and we share. And anyone is most welcome here :)

* * *

PS: I created this world of Vivanta for Blogadda. I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15