Thursday, March 19, 2015

US Polo T-Shirts that make you stand out!

I got some shopping vouchers applicable to specific brands. Since they were of good value, we wanted to use them. It had been more than 6 months but they were still lying with me as being parents of an active baby leaves you with less time to think anything other than essential. One day, as I was about to leave for an event, when I remembered one of the store mentioned in the voucher was nearby - it was a showroom of US Polo - how could I miss that after all, it's one of my fav brands to adorn my husband :).
I took the voucher and went to the store and in less than 15 minutes got 2 nice pieces billed - a yellow and a red. Had it been the old me, I would have purchased something for me instead of my husband. Don't take me wrong. I was not Rebecca Bloomwood from "Confessions of a Shopaholic". My problem was different!

Once upon a time, I was a bubblehead in selecting good stuffs. Belonging to a simple middle class family, Shopping was not my regular thing! It took some efforts on my part to learn the art of shopping for myself once I started earning. But when I searched something for my betrothed, I was in another fix. I had to relearn again as compared to girls who can experiment with so many colors, styles - Guys have such limited options. Things mostly round up to blues, browns, greenish browns, green, black, white. All of them equally confusing and boring. Almost everything looked same to me. After my marriage, he would shower me with different dresses, footwear and accessories and I would feel very shameful as I would struggle to choose something really good for him especially in garments. Initially, I would limit myself to buy just formals for him and would venture in the casual sections nervously. Thanks to the metro sexual age, they get lot of choices now but still, I could not imagine my love to be all dressed up in a poppy attire. Call me old-fashioned, but I still feel pink looks girlish! I always adore him carrying something decent, classy yet lively. One day Piyush commented that I never look harder for him as he does for me. The sky fell on me as I felt like this stupid wife who couldn't even shop for her husband. But my search ended one day at a US Polo store. I found what I could not have till now fathomed. There was a classy collection of some lively sporty colorful yet masculine T-shirts. I went on picking one after the other making Piyush to try all of them. Boy, that day he got really tired of trying so many clothes but he looked dashing in all of them. I fell in love all over again with him each time he came out of the changing room donning a new one. I had found my taste to style my perfect partner, finally!

Its been a long time and I am not limited to just US polo for him as in this age of heavy competition there are lot many brands in the market. But I can definitely, credit US Polo to bring my thoughts into manifestation. Else, I would be killing myself every time my husband would do shopping for me as well as for himself.

 * * *
May I know which is your favorite Brand for your spouse? :)


  1. Nice.. :)
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  2. I loved the post...esplly when you said one day Piyush said you dont look harder when you shop for him and sky fell on you....well choosing a gift for loved ones can be a challenge at times...US Polo is a great choice indeed :) I would love to read a humor fiction of yours.


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