Thursday, March 5, 2015

God is a Trickster

Sometimes, I lovingly call God as Mr. 420. There is an incident from my life which was nothing short of a miracle and that make me call God as the ultimate trickster.

Belonging to a small town in India, I had no option of fine education in my city. Hence, I was determined to leave my city and apply for a good residential University for higher studies. Through a competitive entrance test, I took admission in a famous deemed University for girls in Rajasthan for graduation in Computer Science and Mathematics. It has a very good reputation for its unique blend of cultural and modern education with a wide range of extra curricular activities. However, just in some time of my stay over there I started finding my dream to be a mirage. The University was a closed, isolated, a gurukul kind of entity with lots of strict rules. I missed the exposure to the real world. Since, it was very far from my hometown, my parents were also missing me badly.  So I decided to somehow complete my graduation and pursue my Masters from any other decent Institute near to my place.

I prepared and appeared for a National level Entrance test that year for MCA. To my amusement, my rank was 420 (which in India is a slang reference for a confidence trickster). I applied to all good colleges and Universities but my name was not shortlisted by any of them. I realized that my rank was not good enough to win me a decent college. With no admission in hand, I had only two choices either to try again next year or join a local city college that was pathetic. I was very disturbed for my future. Only one University, was yet to finalize the admissions. With all my hopes against hope, I went to attend the counseling with only negative thoughts.

There were just 30 seats that got filled quickly. My number was not even close to the last one shortlisted. Still 2 seats that were reserved for computer science graduates were remaining. But I felt dejected and a meek voice of my conscience scolded me for ruining a year by not performing good in the exam. I started praying silently in my heart while waiting for the process in the jam-packed auditorium. A guy asked my Rank. "421", I lied to avoid embarrassment. "Congrats. Seems you have the second highest rank in this group. First is mine!". I felt like jumping with joy when couple of minutes later, the same guy came to me again, "I am sorry to misguide you, looks like the guy sitting there has better rank than yours." My dreams were suddenly crashed with my last hopes pinned down. How sweet was the feeling of success just a moment ago! I was lost in scary thoughts about my future - Mummy-papa will definitely marry me off  to some lazy shopkeeper, if I went to that local college. Those two guys who were on stage getting their admission, if only one of them had not been present... I was lost in this trance when I heard my name being called out in a distant voice. "420 Roohi Bhatnagar". "420 Roohi Bhatnagar". "420 Roohi Bhatnagar" - this time it was louder as if amplified. It took me a moment to realize that people were actually smiling over my funny rank that was being announced along my name.  The next moment, I was on stage doing the formalities for my admission in one of the best of Indian Universities!

Later, I came to know that the other guy had some problems with his certificates so they canceled his admission and called the next best rank which was mine. The last seat that slipped before my eyes moments ago was miraculously mine. It truly was a miracle day, which dramatically revealed why out of thousands of numbers my rank was not any other number but four-twenty, the tricky digits! That one moment simply changed the direction of my life and made me an optimistic person who now knows that no matter what, things always change for good, we just need to hold on and #lookup for those hidden hints.

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  1. Interesting are the experiences life gives us :)

  2. Prayer helps in a strange way, if we ask sincerely. I have occasionally heard voices, that came true at later date. I cannot explain.


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