Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Back from Bali!!

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I am back from a week long refreshing and rejuvenating getaway to Bali. This was my first international trip. Thanks a ton to Piyush for making a dream come true. Travelling was introduced to me by my parents who would plan trips (as part of LTC allowance to my father, who worked in a Bank). I took it to my heart as such breaks would infuse me with vividness.

I aspire to travel a lot if and when time and Indian social obligations permit me.

Bali trip has ultimately inspired me to write my travelogues. It was by far the most meditating travel experience for me. I have returned calm like the sea and vibrant like the waves. What makes all such excursions all the more special is that I am accompanied by my minions - Piyush and Pihu.

Hence, I will be creating a separate section about my wandering soul which gets enriched by such travel experiences. As I am preparing to write the stories, here's a little sneak peek to my trip :



  1. Very nice sure you had a great trip and enjoyed the spa pampering in Bali :)

    1. Oh yes the relaxing Balinese massage and of course, the serene beaches :)

  2. Awesome Roohi :) Hope you enjoyed the trip a lot...

  3. Lovely pictures.
    Travel experiences can be rich food for the soul.

  4. Pics show You had full on masti. Liked meditation angle :)


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