Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Thanks to Chyawanprash!

With much excitement we bought a cute white and pink wardrobe for Pihu when she was just 3 months old. I planned to set it with her pretty dresses, cute toys, footwear and other stuffs. She was a dream come true for me as my Barbie doll. Little did I imagined that one of  the wardrobe's shelf will get all full with different kinds of medications. And as I am emptying it today, I can notice how many prescriptions and medicines have filled the first two years of my darling's life. That is when she was born a perfectly healthy child and when we have taken extraordinary care to keep her fit and fine.

She is the first child to our generation in my family and her laughter as well as her playfulness keeps every body fresh in the house. But she has picked her father's allergic reactions to Bangalore unpredictable weather. And as such she would get stuffy nose every now and then. That affected her overall growth as she would stop eating and sleeping. I have seen my cutie pie go all weak and thin because of that. Not only her but it affected our lifestyles and health as well as we would be short on sleep and running after doctor's appointment in the middle of our working day. I tried all sorts of treatments on her - Home remedies told by relatives, homeopathy, and ultimately allopathic doses. Though I loved my Barbie in short and sleeveless dresses, yet I stopped dressing her in shorts and frocks and would cover her whole all the time. What began as a dream soon looked like an unmanageable nightmare!

My daughter is now 2 years 3 months and I am a very relaxed mother now as compared to what I was 6 months ago. Thanks to Dabur Chyawanprash. I did not gave her Chywanprash before as it was suggested to me that she should be more than 24 months. But I wasted no time as she crossed that limit. I could see the difference within days. It's middle of January and half of the winter season has passed. We have travelled all this while to all kinds of places and she is enjoying and we are enjoying. Moreover, she is a fussy child when it comes to food but she likes it a lot and calls it 'chawan' in her kiddish tongue. She believes it to be a version of Chocolate. Its a win-win situation for me as she has started building a good immunity to the changing weather conditions here and she relishes it. It doesn't have any side effects. What else can a mother ask!

More than anything, I can be a less worrying mother and can focus more on her other aspects of development. And the best part is I can enjoy her playfulness without getting bothered about her falling sick.

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