Friday, January 30, 2015

Fanning the flames

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My blog is a reflection of my that part of my personality that I do not reveal just to anyone in person. I am an introvert and speak little to new people or you can say I take my own sweet time to open up with strangers. There are many reasons for it. The foremost reason is only when I am sure that the other person is going to respect my views even if we are not on agreeing terms, I speak frankly. Inviting conflicts is not my cup of tea. So when Piyush came to meet me for the first time, in just 5 minutes I concluded that I do want to speak my mind to him. He tried really hard but I didn't budge.

It was only later when he read my blog posts he realized I will make a good partner to him. And he struggled but finally convinced me of that too. Oh, how  grateful I am to my blog for showing me the right path that lead to him! This was the greatest compliment anyone could have given me. Accepting me as a life partner wholeheartedly.

Even when I am not sure of my writing capabilities, he remind me of this. But I tell you I was bowled over when I read his writings. Yes, he writes too! He has this uncomplicated mind and very broad views and that is his style of writing too. But unlike me, he is a dedicated software professional who doesn't miss his creative side much, probably because he is as creative in his job. Still, how can a talent like his fade away. So, after much pestering and inciting and forcing him to write guest posts on my blog, I am finally able to fan the flames. Yes, my Mr. Darcy has brought back his blog from its burnt and cool ashes. Introducing to all my friends in blogging community - a panorama of beautiful meaningful poems, thoughts, tech reviews and much more from this wonderful personality.

Here's are few of my favorite lines in one of his poem "Love":

True love is a joy 
But remember, in love do not fall 
Rise in love, love is for rising 
Grow in love to heights tall 

Let your love flow freely 
Never confining in expectations 
The joy lies in inexpressible feelings 
Eyes conveying speechless confessions 

When you love some one 
Just love truly without any bound 
And ask your sweetheart to tread softly 
Because your dreams lie all around 

Way to go Piyush! All the best..


  1. Its very rare that both in a couple write and not only write but write so well :) A big warm welcome to Piyush to our blogger family :) If this one is so good, cant wait to read more. I tried clicking the redirects to crazy domains...All the best Piyush :)

    1. Thanks Shweta.. I have fixed the link.. :) Thanks to you..

  2. Beautiful poem, Dear and a superb plot 4 bestseller. Couple come closer bcoz of blog and later marry. Wow! :)

    1. Hahaha Ravish thanx.. Its my sweet real life love story.. But I was too confused to realize this that time otherwise would have enjoyed more :)

  3. Wow! Cool!
    Congratulations on getting your Man blogging again.
    Happy blogging, guys. :)

    It was nice seeing you yesterday. :)

    1. Hi Divya.. Good to see you here :) I also enjoyed meeting you and everyone at the meet.. Hope to see you here often..

  4. Come here after a long long time .. sorry about that :)

    but it was worth coming back and reading it all ..


    1. Not you Bikram, but I am sorry for posting so irregularly :) But its great to have friends like you who visit and motivates me.. Need your support like this :)


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