Thursday, January 22, 2015

The evening at Juhu Beach

"Now this is what I call a Beach.", I looked at my husband and said proudly. Standing on the sand err I mean trying to find a place to keep our feet on the sand. Sand err I forgot to mention it is black like tar. For few minutes we were confused whether we are on the famous spot of Juhu Beach or some drainage. Why on earth it is like that??

I was looking at Piyush who looked ice cold giving me his I-told-you-better-stay-at-room looks, ready to turn back and give the best run of his life. Hmm I should bring him here often for that run, at least he'll loose that extra fat, I mused.

Forget about him. I am here to enjoy my beach. After all I love sea and thanks to him I am enjoying one after 6 years. And Juhu BEach. I came here more than 15 years ago with my parents.

"Hey, would you mind to click a picture?", I asked him. "Picture?? Where and with whom??", he said rolling his eyes on the public around. Well, yeah there is lot of crowd as in the climax of the Hollywood flick "2012". But who cares? Its the famous Juhu Beach!! Everybody wanna come here and chill. CHILL. What is that under my feet?? Owwww.. Its an empty trashed beer bottle. Thank God, I didn't get a cut anywhere. Why the hell people drink Beer if they can't gulp down the bottles!!

Never mind I should not spoil my beach mood. Here I give my best shot on Camera. One more please. Like this. "Hey.. What is wrong? What are you searching for?" There I see Piyush turning yellow, purple and red. I didn't know my husband can change his skin color. And what is there in his hand. Wait.. Is that a used baby diaper?? Oh my god, I can't stop my hysterical laughs. I should better stop as Piyush is angry as he'll throw me deep inside the ocean. But before he could do any such thing, the rain God saves me. And we run towards the food stalls.

"I want those pav bhajis", I demand. Piyush looks relaxed being away from the waters or filthy beach as he remarked when we arrived there. I wait for him as he goes to pay for that. What a great culture we live in. Everybody is so friendly in India. I am just wondering when I hear some cries. It seems there has ensued some altercations. Oh, Piyush comes back looking disappointed. "Lets go back.. They don't have any hygiene sense. They are wiping the sweat and cooking using same hands". Now that gave me some jolly good shock. I am starving but not for someone's salt and pepper!!

Bye bye Juhu Beach. Will not come again!!

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