Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Of Feelings and Mankind - Short Story

- written by Piyush Bhatnagar

Once upon a time the earth 
really was a nice place. 
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Before the life forms we see today, it was occupied by energy forms, what we come to know now as feelings. So Happiness, Joy, Contentment, Wonder, Amazement - all the feelings we know of - used to occupy the realm of the ancient earth.
Each had a unique characteristic; happiness was warm, soft, smelled of daisies bright yellow in color. Joy was cozy, velvet, orange in color, smelled of beautiful jasmine.

However, these energy forms were purposeless. Wandering from one realm of earth to other, when 2 feelings met, they gave rise to a new feeling. Thus from happiness and joy, satisfaction was born. But this eternal wandering made the feelings bored of their existence.

So one day they all gathered and summoned the Great Light - light from which they all had emanated. They asked in unison, what is the reason they are. The Light replied none is required. They said there has to be a purpose, there has to be something more for them rather than aimless wandering. Light realized the world is no longer going to be same and replied there shall be a purpose, for there will be a creature that will seek them, channel the feelings and realize their potential.

But he will have to work hard to get them. Thus man was created. The Great Light told the man that he needs to work and based on that he shall be given access to feelings of choice. Happiness, Joy, Contentment - everything was available at a price. Happiness was cheap; Joy was easy, Contentment very cheap and so on and so forth.

With what man earned on his first day, he sought happiness for that was all he could afford. And he lived happily, and in time man earned Contentment. Time passed and he earned more and so along came joy.

Seeing all this from a far far away realm was the Black Darkness. It had always wanted to destroy the world of the Great Light, but had got no chance so far. But in the man for the first time it saw a chance.

And thus the Black Darkness arrived on the ancient earth and reached out to man. It said to him, why he works so hard. And man replied for he sought the best of feelings, but they came with a price that man has to toil and earn. Black Darkness offers the shiny feeling of Pride to man. The bright golden color of Pride and the strong fragrance it had, had man dazzled. Darkness said, this feeling is hot, makes one head held high, and makes one feel in control, master of his feelings. Man was impressed and asked for price. The Black Darkness it could be of man for free, he just needs to trade contentment for it. Man was not sure.

So Black Darkness said, it will make the deal sweeter - it will offer Greed & Ego for free along with Pride. Man asked what they were. Light replied - Greed, tantalizing in silver, was the strong feeling making sure man always had the best of everything. And Ego, alluring in diamonds, will make sure man never loses to anyone.

And man traded contentment for Pride, with freebies of Greed & Ego.

And world since has never been the same.


Seeing what the Black Darkness had done, the Great Light pondered. The laws of the realm did not allow it to undo what had been chosen by man, for free will was the fundamental thread of the realm's existence.

Then the Great Light created another feeling. And as man walked about, he noticed a small red colored ethereal feeling. It was tiny. But when man touched it, it was nothing like he had experience before. And when he smelled it, he could feel the faint fragrance of the purest rose. And man decided to keep it. And as man toiled, and Greed and Ego grew, this tiny seed, grew faster and bigger and occupied the whole of man's heart. It was a strange feeling and gave joy and happiness to man for no reason. One day, man had to let go of Greed and Ego, for there was no room left.

Thus the seed of love, which the Great Light planted in man's heart, salvaged the mankind.

And world since has never been the same.


  1. beautiful, what a thought....the language simple and all I can say is splendid. Thanks Piyush for sharing this :)

  2. Awesome post Roohi. Cannot have words to praise it...

  3. What a story Roohi! Did you conceive it yourself or is it a fairy tale? Either way, thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks to Piyush, Rajeev for coming up with this one :) Thanks for appreciating it..

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Matheikal.. This one is by my husband, Piyush and he surely is far better writer than myself :)

  5. An awesome and very imaginative post indeed. Good work Roohi.

  6. Nice Imagination and beautifully written


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