Saturday, January 24, 2015

Shh! Its a secret valentine post :)

I am a little old fashioned when it comes to romance - a Jane Austen fan, feminine to the core. Hence, I have never proposed any guy or flirted with someone. For me it should always be the other way round. A prince charming should always sway away the lady of his dreams off her feet.

With modern times and loving the cosmopolitan life, my thoughts are changing though. But the main reason behind it is that the love of my life is perfect - a Mr. Darcy mixed with Rahul of DDLJ. And I am head over heels for him. So, I want to surprise him this time. Instead of him leading me as usual, I am going to lead him this Valentine's day. And I know he's going to love this deviation from routine.

Here's what I am planning to do:

We both are movie buff but it is always him who looks for new movies and books the tickets and takes me to the Cinema while I happily sit arm in arm with him and watch the show. Not this time.
I will get the tickets booked for the night show. This valentine day is on Saturday which is a holiday for us. So I will do a little drama on late Friday evening that I have missed an important document with my colleague, who is coming to a common point i.e. the secretly booked multiplex and since it is late in the night and being my knight in shining armour, he'll be hell bent to accompany me. I will fake a tussle and allow him only on the condition that he let me drive. Then I will drive straight to the Multiplex. I have spoken to my colleague friend who will be there holding the tickets and who'll insist on us to watch the movie. I know Mr. Darcy won't be able to refuse the attraction and hence, I will start with second phase of my plan.
Excusing myself for the restroom I will go and change into that pretty black one piece dress I have especially bought for the occasion and carried in my hand bag. And yes that glittering Swarovski pendant set which Mr. Darcy got me from his onsite visit last year will match it perfectly. With just a striking black kajal and shimmering lipper, I will be ready in not more than 7 minutes. My friend will take a video shot of Mr. Darcy and his reactions when I will surprise him with my makeover. I am sure by this time he'll be dead sure that I am up to something being a clever fox he is. My friend will say bye on pretext of some personal work and leave. We'll head to the gold class seats and the show will begin.

Now, he must be really smiley and all relaxed to sit back and enjoy his favourite genre movie without having to do anything. During interval, there will be flowers and his favourite snacks for him delivered by pantry guy. But the real fun will be in the end of the movie, past the midnight i.e.14th Feb technically. When the lights are about to be lit, there will be a surprise audio. No, it won't be some announcement but a song. A romantic one - You say it best, when you say nothing at all - our favourite number. I am already recording one with the help of his brother who is into music. He'll be all pleased to recognise my voice and before all turned heads and peeping eyes, I will then touch and hold his hands and say this, "You are my sun and my stars, my Valentine. And I am always yours forever in this life and others and beyond that where ever shall my soul go". He'll sense the platinum ring that I am holding and I will take my hand back and gently slid it in his finger, giving a peck on his cheeks and waiting for him to do the next best thing :)

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Now I must hurry up for all the preparations and arrangement with the multiplex guys and yes this is a secret post so please don't share it anywhere lest he should know. :)

Thanks Close-up for prompting me to this little hearty cupid game. Mr. Darcy is sure going to love you guys.

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