Monday, July 21, 2014

Triggers of My Zest

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I am an eternal optimistic romantic at heart. There is this insatiable restlessness in me I find difficult to control emanating from the desire to experience the world. There are many things which can trigger this wave of energy for me, drifting me like a kite with no strings! 

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It is difficult to quantify all of these, but following is a short bucket list of things which will always make me hop, jump and scream with excitement!

#1. My two kids running around 
Number one in my list is watching my 2 kids - my darling daughter and my hubby ;) - running around. Seeing them playing with each other and getting excited at re-discovering little joys of life makes me wanna do the same - always!

#2. My husband's culinary experiments
This one is a secret. My hubby has a flair for cooking. But he does not like to follow a particular recipe. Instead, he picks, chooses and edits and adds interesting flavors and aromas to everything he cooks! And when he does, it just fills me with immense happiness (and my stomach with a wonderful meal). (Sometimes a disaster and tragedy in kitchen and a trip to nearby Pizza place - but shhh :D)

#3. Onward Travel
They say that our best journeys are those one towards our home. For me, I love the going part. The pandemonium of travelling, the preparation, the packing, the cab to airport, the flight, the sight-seeing, meeting lovely people, making wonderful memories - the very idea of all this fills me with euphoria which I possibly cannot describe in mere words. All such trips add to lifetime memories and experiences that cannot be taken away or destroyed. 

#4. Fridays
I just said onward travel - there is one exception. The idea of travelling back to home after a short day at work on a Friday evening is a return journey I always cherish ;) I feel like a kid on a vacation though only for two days but who cares. Friday comes every 7 days. It means more sleep, movies, reading, lazing, cooking, painting, dancing, singing…  my list is endless. Oh! I just love Fridays.

#5. Long drive on a scenic route, beautiful weather, good road and no traffic
I love driving. I have earned that love by not giving up on learning how to drive till I succeeded. So I enjoy every moment of my drive even in traffic. But a long drive on a good road, without traffic and a smooth car is definitely desirable. And if a Friday ends up in a impromptu trip to someplace scenic with my family with a great weather to match with, breeze flowing through my hair - and myself in a driving seat of a powerful car - need I ask more for a Zestful life! vroom, vrooom, vroooom!

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  1. The first four are obviously good and valid for me too :) The fifth point is also true and valid to me, up to an extent, but since I don't have any vehicle and I don't drive too, so I prefer traveling over this point :)

    1. Thanks Alok.. So that means you are also good at cooking.. good for your wife and little Pihu :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks a ton Matheikal.. Appreciation from a talented writer like you means so much to me :)

  3. Nice list. Especially loved the 4th one and 5th.
    Friday evenings are always a pleasure especially when you plan a travel for the weekend.

    1. Yes they are Krishna :) Everybody loves Fridays..


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