Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Perfect things

Some things can't be replaced. Parents, childhood, close buddies and recently I realized- Pihu's pink Sipper :)
During my vacation at my hometown, I was pleased to notice that my purchase of Phillips Avent sipper is perfect for my sweetie pie. She would roam around here and there singing, carrying her cute sipper pausing now and then to take little sips of water. Its handles gave her the sense of independence that she has began to understand. I need not had to worry about it falling and its spout getting dirty as it has an attached cap which would protect it from direct touch to anything. And the sucking mechanism was so good that water never leaked from that pretty container.

Why I am writing so fondly about just a sipper on my blog? Well, it so happened that at last moments while leaving my parent's place I forgot the precious sipper in the refrigerator in hurry. Since then, drinking water was not as much fun for Pihu as it was before. We tried other sippers. But some would leak, some had separate caps. Pihu had to be careful while placing it, which obviously isn't possible given her toddling age. After some weeks we finally decided to buy another Avent sipper.

It arrived today and this time we got her a green one for a change. Pihu is as happy as ever though she say mum-mum when she notice a pink sipper belonging to some other kid!

 Ask a Mommy and she'll tell that some things can't be replaced. They are just perfect :)

Disclaimer: Happy to write an honest, non-sponsored review of the product purely based on my experience :)


  1. Lucky you Roohi, my doctor strictly stopped me to purchase any sipper for my Pihu, otherwise I almost purchased it too :) Hopefully we can have sipper for her now, but now she is use to to drink water from glass only.

    1. :) thats OK Alok. There are lot other cute stuff for kids esp. daughters. M sure your Pihu have loads of such cute things :)


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