Sunday, July 27, 2014

The (Black) List

"This time your painting has not come out fine. Minions are not looking cute. This one looks sad, that one looking sleepy and this looks terrified!", exclaimed my husband looking disappointed. I was painting a poster for his office on his request. "Wait for some time till I put some magic on this", I replied in a confident tone. Then I opened the magic potion and started doing the outlining of the colorful Minions highlighting their facial expressions. When I finished all of them looked nothing but happy and cute. "Wow, this is really magic. Today, I accept the power of BLACK!", said my husband looking elated.

For me I have submitted to black ever since I learned to draw and paint. As an artist I realize the importance of black as an enhancer to beauty as my paintings would come alive only after I had applied Black to background or foreground or outlining. Black, the darkest color, has a mystique charm, elegance and secrets associated with it.

I am proud of my black hair, eyes and dark skin. And my wish list for expensive materialistic black is endless - black watches, luxurious limousine, a sexy outfit, smudge or smudge free kaajal, but here I would take this contest as an opportunity to list down some impossible yet powerful Black things which will prove that black not only symbolizes sadness or protest but it is also a giver to light for if it was not black we would have probably never known the importance of light!

1.     A Black Hole: You read it right. I want to own a black hole. A black hole defines the supremacy black has on our existence. I believe this is the ultimate wish anyone can have. And why not? Even light cannot escape its power. Once I have control over a black hole, I can send all the evil in this world to be consumed by it leaving only goodness on our earth. There will only be love and peace everywhere.

2.     Toothless: I wish fantasy could be for real. For I just love ‘How to train your Dragons’ and the message of love it gives. And when they showed the powerful, dangerous creature Nightfury, as black as night, is in fact, a very innocent adorable being - it was love at first sight for me. I was smiling, laughing, crying along him. Oh ! How I wish it was real and my friend. I would ride on him to all the beautiful places and soak in the air and feel the freedom.

3.     Black Money: Though it is not colored black, but the money stashed illegally by greedy guys is commonly referred as Black money. Most of the problems faced by my country is due to poverty and the widening rich-poor gap. So yes, I would desire to get all the black money back to the deserving people of my country. I wish all the greedy people soon realize that true happiness comes when everyone around us is happy and prosperous.

4.     Black Clouds : Remember the romance of Shahrukh and Kajol in the rain in Kuch kuch hota hai. Well, rains are not only romantic but necessary. Also known as Nimbostratus, black clouds have a significant role to maintain the ecological balance. Too little or too much of rain is equally destructive for any region. I belong to north India where the monsoons are getting scarce, and I stay in Bangalore where sometimes people are wary of rains. I wish the magic of these clouds has a fairer distribution everywhere and every body can enjoy the joys of rain-dance.
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5. Black Belt: I wish it was not required. But alas the alarming increase in crime against women and children, I wish I had a black belt in one of the martial arts. I want to feel confident of protecting myself and my l'll one should I ever be alone in a tricky situation. Not only me, I feel every mother and her kid should a black belt trained.

     I know some of these are abstract, but I am a dreamer and believer in the possibility of the impossible.

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