Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tic tic 1: Black Egg #Whattheblack

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Here's an exciting contest by Bloggada #WhattheBlack. I have written an entry post for the contest here.
But what is unique is the way they are building up a suspense. For four days some shortlisted bloggers will receive gifts from Nobody knows what this is about.
Each time the clue will be closer till the final clue on fourth day. Isn't this exciting?

Gladly, I am among the lucky ones. And today I got this little cute black packet home delivered on a boring wednesday morning. Though I was at office but I couldn't control my eagerness and asked my husband who had the packet to open it. He sent me these pics of the packet and a blackened egg having chocolate inside.
Interesting right? Even I thought so and marveled at the ingenuity of the mysterious marketing team of #WhattheBlack.

For four days I am hooked now to this thrilling adventure and I am already bugging everyone around to help me crack the code - what do you think it could be? Don't worry there are plenty of prizes for everyone :)

Will post about each day here. Stay tuned.