Saturday, July 26, 2014

The enlightenment of Evil - Short Story

"When people see some things as good, other things become bad."

What new can be said for the rivalry between the Good and the Evil? For, it has been there from the beginning of nowhere and it will always be to the end to nowhere. But there happens an uncertain-unrecorded time in the past or present or future, when there ensued a showdown between the manifestations of the two. 

The Evil, tired of so many fights, confronted the Good. "For eons, I have been fighting you. But you face my entire wrath with this composure igniting the flames of hatred in my heart for you even more. Every time when it appears that my nuisances are about to bear fruit of your defeat, you manage to turn the tables and win. But listen to me dear brother; I will come back for the last time not to defeat you but to finish you forever, for I am tired. I know you can never eradicate me for you portray yourself too noble to even think that but I promise to end this misery. I will, as always drink this poison of sin and eliminate you from everywhere. Not even a minuscule detail of your silly goodness will be left in the complete Universe"The Good melancholy replied, "If only you could understand, that is not possible".
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From that day, Evil drowned himself to create the darkest of all curses that can destroy Good present anywhere. It took all his energy and power and the cosmos trembled while witnessing his hard labor. He toiled all through the days and nights and finally the powers had to bow down to acknowledge and bless his weapon. Thus, armored with his lethal gun the Evil called upon the Good. "Pray to me. Be like me and accept my greatness or I will vanquish you". "You can never destroy me", was the Good's reply. Evil gave a wicked laugh and bring forth his weapon shining like lightning. All the world stood still in horror for the impossible about to happen. Fear found a place on Good's face who stared at the weapon and before Evil could launch his attack, Good cried, "Just a last wish brother, please". Evil's happiness knew no bounds to see his impending victory on Good's fearful face. "Tell me". Good smiled mysteriously and asked, "For one last time, show me what all is getting eliminated because of me". Evil smirked on Good's foolish request and opened a channel with his weapon filled with images of all that had even a faintest of Good in it and thus, about to be executed. He gave a look at the channel and proceeded to finish the deed, when suddenly he stopped looking aghast. "How is that possible?" He opened the channel to confirm again. And lo behold! There in one corner it saw a flicker of good inside an image. An image he could not ignore. The Good answered pensively, "You see brother, even the act of allowing my last wish proves there is some kindness in you too, that is the reason neither of us can be finished." 

Hence, Evil realized there is no such thing as a complete victory. Neither of them could be finished, wherever Evil goes Good also percolates.