Tuesday, March 7, 2017

10 Soulful reads on this #womensday2017

This Women's day, I have compiled together the best of Soulful posts when I have written about women, for women and as a woman.
Some of the stories/posts/commentaries have found way into good publications and some in my heart. You can tweet the quotes I have selected from each posts here. In the order of my favorites, go ahead and read to celebrate the woman of today:

A real story about a group of women from the Apartment where I lived, who showed to the society how and what women can achieve when they join hands together. 

  • A beautiful world is not a dream where women work in sync with each other.  - Click to Tweet

Women, successful women especially, you ought to read this to understand why we need women's day. 
  • A women's day is needed until the stones start singing that 'She's a woman - a human - a life - a dream - a will and a right to live - at her own terms!'. - Click to Tweet

When my husband made me watch a Mad Max movie, I came up with this post. This post tells exactly about 'what it is like when a woman loves a man' and what she really wants in return. Read it if you are among those tired people who have put lot of efforts yet are clueless about this universal confusion.
  • The purest and deepest kind of devotion exists when a man deserves a woman's love. - Click to tweet

Published in Woman's Era, my favorite story. A take on domestic violence on women.

Freedom is contagious. Its desire gets strong. But love is stronger and true love has the power to free the soul not for a life but forever. And Women are epitome of love. 

  • True love has the power to free a soul. And Women are epitome of true love. 
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“Girls like it, especially if they’ve never been married before - it’s the dress. Girls want a wedding, they don’t want a marriage.”Salman Rushdie

A reply to this statement by a great writer of our times, through my own story.

  • Only a man who expresses a lifetime of love with smile on lips and truth in his eyes, matters to a woman.- Click to tweet

This too found place in Woman's Era. Stay away from gossiping about others. Three roommates discover the bond of togetherness, how gossiping is worthless and learn how things are not always as they seem to be.

  • Only what matters is how much sensitive we are as humans to everyone around us.  - Click to tweet

This poem is a woman's cry when she realizes her individuality is taken away, her soul is getting killed in the name of ideal society. She faces it and finally opens up her mind before her lover-her soulmate- the almighty!!

  • A woman's cry when she realizes her individuality is taken away, her soul is getting killed in the name of an ideal society. - Click to Tweet

My feelings as I quit my job to stay at home. Lot of women decides to pursue their passions, for some it might be to look after the family.
  • Kids grow up, from jobs you retire, it is but your hobbies and more specifically your thoughts, your persona that stays with you in the long run of life.                    - Click to Tweet

My life's lesson as I learned to drive and as I often drive on Indian roads.

  • Ladies, smile and pass by when they crack ‘lady behind the wheels’ jokes as you are a winner. -  Click to tweet

About the hidden goodness in the "I am not doing enough" guilt every mother's heart carry always.

  • Be thankful for those guilt-moments, women, since they make you strive to be  good mothers! - Click to tweet

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