Monday, August 10, 2015

TV Button on my mobile

Living in a family of diverse interests, entertainment is something which goes by popular choice at my home. But the way I am, I might want to watch my favorite rom-com, while the world is biting its nails watching a cricket match.

No wonder, people like me always are looking for a personal TV kind of thing. And my love for travel increases this demand all the more. But, the luxury of having personal entertainment device is something we all craved, but seldom had. I am writing had, because that craving is a thing of past!

It is true that we live in a true mobile world. Today, courtesy apps for all sorts, you can of course use your phone to talk to people, but also, buy groceries, book movie tickets, plan for vacation, transfer money, recharge balance, check news, socially network with people - pretty much anything and everything which comes to your mind is available as an app.

I guess it is no surprise that ability to watch your choice of video entertainment is now available as a mobile TV app in the form of nexGTv. To describe more elaborately it is an application to catch the imagination of the people on the move, to entertain and engage in ways that provide the complete package on mobiles, allowing complete freedom of choice and movement. In short, it is like a TV button on your mobile that is much more friendly and intelligent! You can truly say, my entertainment - my choice (as much as it sounds clich├ęd - it is the apt expression!)

About nexGTv:

nexGTv is Digivive’s award-winning application offering consumers wholesome and unlimited entertainment across multi-screen devices (mobile, tablets or laptop). Entertainment choices include a suite of over 150 Live TV channels aside from a huge content library comprising Movies, TV Shows and Videos for every mood and intent. The icing on the cake is that it enables users to remain entertained irrespective of bandwidth limitations and operating it can run smoothly across 2G/3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks across platforms such as Android, iOS, and BlackBerry.


A sneak peek into some of its features:

High Quality Video Experience.
• There are 80+ FREE Live TV channels, Movies and TV Shows while rest can be subscribed for nominal rates.
Pause and play: resume watching movies, videos, Live TV from where you left off
Advanced Search functionality that includes search for content by genre and language
• Integrated Electronic Program Guide (EPG) of one week for all channels
Social connect by sharing via Facebook and Twitter
Full Screen Viewing
Interactive controls: browse through channels, adjust volume, zoom out while streaming
Picture-in-Picture mode for Quick-Switch between channels
Adaptive bit rate streaming to auto adjust the video quality as per network bandwidth

Below is my personal entertainment package :)

TV Shows, Videos and other options

With all these innovative features, no wonder nexGTv is creating ripples in the world of non-stop entertainment. Besides ranking among the Top 10 Entertainment applications in App Stores, nexGTv has also won ‘The Best Digital Experience’ award at the prestigious World Communication Awards 2014, at London. What do you think? Isn't that a one-stop point solution to all your video streaming, TV watching issues? Download this now, to have your own personal TV on the move as and when you wish and feed your creativity with lots of ideas. For if you have nexGTv, full-on entertainment is guaranteed!

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