Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Journey of Blogging

I have many Blogger friends whom I adore and follow, but many of them might not know this as I am not consistent with commenting and other such activities to network (Well, I am mother to a toddler struggling with time and errr.. a lazy bum).
So, I felt honored when Shashank (Shanx) of EmbarkWithMyThoughts and my blogger friend, asked me to write a guest post on his blog about my journey of Blogging. Honored that he could notice me in this huge Blogosphere and offered me a chance to express myself on his space. For I may not post regularly, but I have much to tell and that I realized when I typed almost a page for his post and forced myself to stop as I wanted to write much more. This is the first time I have published something as a guest blogger and I loved the experience. Here's an excerpt:

"I do not write to save the world for I am no Super-hero. But yes, I do believe in being one of those drops that make an entire ocean, a grain of sand that join others and makes a pleasant land. But most importantly, I write for myself. For sincere reflections during the process of jotting down one’s thought filters all the negativity out and helps in making one a better person. And if anything that I write and share helps someone else too in the process, than it is the best reward I can dream of. "

To read my real life story as to why I write and how ended up being a regular and actually a full-time blogger, hop on to Shashank's blog here:

Once again, thank you Shanx for offering me to be a guest writer on your blog buddy :)

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