Saturday, August 22, 2015

A gentle goodbye!!

Once again the night has come
to haunt me of what they tell
There is no one who walk with you
Not to heaven and nowhere to hell

As their words echo in my ears
like a sword piercing my heart
Once I was the apple of their eyes
But like shadows are things of past

So I have left my world behind
and lie here with no strings attached
As free as a bird I might feel sometimes
But can branches and roots be matched?

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Beyond reasons are those I truly love
I remember with eyes full of tears
Dawns I spend full of smiles and hopes
Dusk brings to me a platter full of fears

Strange are the ways of time, I often ponder
The word stranger is strange in many ways
When your kin leaves you like a stranger 
while the stranger becomes the one who stays

I ask, who is mine and whom I to anyone?
Nobody can forever here dwell
There is no one who can walk with me
Not to heaven and nowhere to hell..

Alone I came, alone I shall go
I no longer hence cry
Forgive and forget the pains I endure
To memories I bid a gentle goodbye!!

* * *

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