Friday, July 10, 2015

The magic potion Honey

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We all love ourselves and being here in form the first thing that comes to our mind about ourselves is our body. We love our face, our shape, our size and always want to look and feel best. What? You are thinking how much you hate your growing weight or your short height or those acne on your skin.
Wait, still I say you love yourself and when time comes you don't give anything a damn. If you feel I am exaggerating, then think again - of the time when you have been to a marriage? Any marriage - a friend's, a relative's or even your own. On the d-day, you just decorated your body to the best of your knowledge to fly everywhere happy about yourself like a butterfly in a garden.

Still, I understand when you didn't believe me. For rest of the days we all are concerned about the not so good features of our body. And believe me even people who look their best always are never free from the concern that they have to maintain themselves with the growing age.

So the question is how can we improve or maintain ourselves? Recently, I attended one session by a famous nutritionist in India, Ms Pooja Makhija, who reintroduced the basic fundas of having a healthy body through a nutritious diet. As explained by her, crash diet does more harm to body! The rate at which you loose weight through crash diet, you end up gaining much more once you quit that strenuous regime. Moreover, it is not possible for you to follow such kind of routine every time, in every condition. But the most important highlight of the whole discussion was your wake up time routine and the importance of having honey in the morning.

Just simple tips that include honey can bring to you amazing results. Apart from its medicinal qualities, Honey is a great sweetener. But what makes it better than all other alternatives is the other health properties this magic potion contains. First of all it has lesser calories. In addition to this, it also contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are good for your health. Since it's natural sugar and carbohydrates are easily digested by the body, it is a good source of energy that also aids in digestion.

Given all of its above mentioned qualities and many more advantages, it is best recommended to start your day with a glass of warm water and honey. As in the words of Pooja, it will be like a trigger to jump start your day with natural and pure intensity. Your body will feel fresh in not much time and once your morning is fix, you can easily take over and plan your day with some workouts and having meal and snacks every few hours. You just need to be awake and communicate to your body, rest all is simple to follow. And yes, you can easily switch to honey from sugar helping you to get a fit body.
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So no more crash diets as Honey diet is the best!

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  1. I am the one who hates her growing weight, short height and acne :(

    Anyway, Pooja Makhija's session must be a great experience. A balanced diet is always the way to go. Eat in moderation, work and exercise moderately - is my mantra.

    1. We all hate something about us, one thing or the other :) But your mantra is absolutely perfect and I believe in it, too.

  2. Yes, honey diet is indeed the best and sweetest option to get in shape . Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Honey indeed is a great option and much better than sugar. Nice post!

  4. Nice post, every person will come across to some situation where he/she will hate himself/herself. So its all about situations I guess.


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