Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Constant Learning: Day 3 of 3 Day Quote Challenge

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I had bad initial years at my schooling as I have written many times before. Though my parents didn't leave any stone unturned to make sure that I get best of the world, still my plain Jane looks and timid personality gave me many ugly incidences where I was treated real badly. Once a teacher even told me before a packed class-room, that I am a good for nothing girl! Can you believe a teacher saying things like that to an under-confident child? And from my experience I can say that if a child is subjected to weak foundation, it has a lifetime impact. For many years, I would get highly intimidated by the contempt in my teachers eyes. Later, even when I was proved to be gifted with the talent of artistic skills, I had to struggle with strange attitude by new people in life that would lead me to question my existence and my abilities. That is what physical and mental abuse do to people. Sometimes I would hate myself, sometimes pity myself but being a human and having the strong survival instincts, all that contempt made me to renovate and rediscover myself.  It made me to think and reflect maturely way ahead of my age.
I began to realize that I had to shine somehow so that people don't look past me as if I am invisible. Adaptation is key to survival. Every cloud has a silver lining and so my worse encounters made me look into a positive direction in life and made me believe that constant learning is very important. Over the years, I have groomed into a confident person. I still meet people who simply ignore my presence but now I have learned to ignore them as well while taking positive cues from them. Though, coming from the other side I have a bad tolerance for arrogance and hatred. Still, I believe in learning from everyone and anyone. I look at people, nature, wildlife, things with the perspective of imbibing their goodness. I am so much conditioned to learn that I cannot help but notice the positives of everybody. Even if someone doesn't treat me right (which I have been quite used to now) I don't or I can't just write them off without taking my lessons from their strong points. I can learn from people who are stronger than me, or are weaker than me, my elders, my juniors, teachers, friends, peers, competitors (yup, people still compete with you even if you have no inclination to do so), my maids, my cook, my daughter, her friends everyone and anyone whom I come across. And I am used to it so much that the day I stop learning will be the day when I die. Hence, the quote mentioned above expresses the principle of my life. And that is something I would advise everybody, yes you too even if you are old now and feel that now you have nothing to learn. Look at the young generation today and don't close your mind to them to only teach them. You too can learn a lot from them. Old age doesn't mean you stop living, right? Life is like a full-time course where you have to keep learning regularly till your graduation day and that is the day when you breathe your last. :)

As for my struggles, you might find them superfluous and so here's a quote from me to explain what exactly is meant by struggle:


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