Thursday, July 2, 2015

Inception day 2- 3 Day Quote Challenge

Completely unintentional that my second quote is also from a Movie :D this time it's Nolan's Inception. Those lines by Cobb stayed with me long after I had watched the movie and I still quote it every time I see relationships tumble around me! (yeah, sadly, I have seen that a lot ). Having arguments is very natural for we are humans. But when people break important ties on petty issues and distance themselves from people who once upon a time were very close to them or should have been close, it makes me sad. Siblings fight, Parent-children fight, fights with in-laws, even when a couple decides to part ways it is done on ugly notes. I mean, when the decision is already made than at least the persons involved can try to go their separate ways happily without resentment. I have seen all and believe me, I know even when people are cursing each other thinking that it helps in releasing the pain, it actually intensifies it. For deep down inside, we all want love - to love - to be loved! I understand, that all the bullshit happens because with age, our ego also multiplies (unless we have learned to control our minds). It also happens sometimes, because our priorities change and we get stuck in our own life's issues. But I know, inside we all miss the happy days. How much a daughter-in-law curses her in-laws or vice-versa, the thought of all of them having a cheerful dinner together transforms even the coldest of a heart to warm. In short, we all yearn to enjoy the goodness of others as nobody is completely bad. This world is not black and white, it is colorful. And only love has the power to win over hate!

I try to imbibe this dialogue into my life. As our world is getting more faster with everyone trying to achieve more in lesser time, our tolerance level to even a minor deviation of someone from us is depleting. More and more people are advocating cutting 'unpleasant' people from life citing them as reasons for our unhappiness. As a believer of 'power of self', I don't believe that my happiness is dependent on a good or bad response from someone else. Than why should I feel anyone is bad? Everything rounds up to delusions. People get blinded by their misconceptions, misbeliefs, misconstructions and act! That should not affect me or lead me to react. I have also understood that sometimes you have to just let go of people stuck in a web of delusions instead of giving them your piece of mind. Can you teach algebra to a toddler? No, so should you stop playing with a toddler just because he makes fun and doesn't appreciate your favorite subject? No, you just don't talk algebra with that kid. Hence, I try not to cut anyone (who has given me even a second of beautiful memories) from my life. If people have problems with me, I give them the privilege to do the act but not me. For I have become the kind of person who doesn't unfriend such people just because of a minor fight. I would prefer not to remain that much connected (the unfollow option in Facebook has come to my rescue many times to save me from heartaches) but no thoughts of 'khandani dushmani' works with me as I cherish, work and invest in my relationships. It has made me see the world and it's people in a different light. I now understand that difference of opinions doesn't and should not stop you from loving the world around you. Moreover, keeping grudges makes us only bitter. The beauty is in letting go. And this brings to my own quote here:


My nomination for today : Anuja of Change the style now and Vishal Grover of Me Time Diary

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