Thursday, May 7, 2015

#EkNayiLeague - Lets solve the mystery behind

Well, well well I cannot feel more amused watching the videos of Kapil Praaji. I just love the way the guy speaks and he's looking so dashing too :P But lets not divert from main agenda. What exactly this #EkNayiLeague is about. Can it be some thing like IPL as Kapil Dev also had once upon a time floated such idea that was crushed down badly (by the powers to be shh shh)?
I don't think so. After all the craze IPL has does not leave any similar idea any chance to survive to see the light of the day. 

And what about this whole dil se khelo to hit wicket saga? Whatever it is, it requires the participants to be mean and practical carrying no emotional quotient. Is it some kind of brain teasing Quiz show? Kapil is talking to Celebrities and advising, rather warning them to not play from heart, so does that mean a show with Celebrity participants mostly sports person. 

Let’s assume it is indeed a game show, but there is lot of hype getting created on Internet. Online videos, twitter handle, facebook page all created well before any publicity in print media or television. Does that mean it is some kind of Online show? With many brands coming forward and embracing online world for its wider reach and trending capacity, I would not be surprised if this is some kind of activity by a brand for its promotion.

My guess is this is some kind of activity that consists of team building and working together against other teams and being lethal in achieving what so ever goal is provided. Something like MTV Roadies where you have to be dead serious about your tasks and no emotional quotient should be involved. But the point still remains, what is Kapil Dev doing here if it has nothing to do with Cricket? For that’s what Kapil Dev is about, he is a synonym for Cricket in India. Whatever the activity is, it has definitely lot to do with Cricket. A cricket show where you have to use your mind and not heart? An online cricket show? An online brand promoting Cricket Show having celebrities as Team leads? But hold on it is being called #EkNayiLeague, that means it has something, may be a little but something worthwhile common with the IPL cricket league. What can that be? The player buying-selling selection process, the team ownership concept, cheer leaders :) , pomp and show and the whole grandeur? Or simply the Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment factor?

My mind is spinning with all kinds of probabilities. Truly, the creativity and publicity levels these days has reached a new height and completely different level. And I am loving it and keenly following it (Love this guy for the way he speak - so cute :), how about you?

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