Sunday, May 10, 2015

A lullaby for my daughter about #MyFirstExpert

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There was a period in my life when I could not sleep due to lot of worries about my future. I would 

lie wide awake in my bed, crying in the stillness and darkness of the night, struggling a lot before 

going to my parents room and would lie next to my mother silently. She would realize my presence 

in her sleep and would hug me and within seconds I would be in deep slumber as if back in the 

womb. Though I have written many times how my mother has guided me in my life - be it in making 

me learn bicycle even when I gave up trying, or when she encouraged me to pursue studies from

 good universities in different States or giving me courage during my delivery, still, those nights 

when just her proximity would make me sleep peacefully are one of the best memories I have of my 

life before I got married. Being settled in Bangalore, far away from my homeland where she still 

tends to her garden and cook delicious meals, I miss her and often remember the warmth she gives 

me when she is close. Though a mother is a #FirstExpert innumerable times but just a silent touch of 

her is enough to prove that there is an unspoken connection bonding a mother to her child. Here's a

 poem dedicated to those nights and mothers, as I am one now 
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Sleep O sleep my little Angel,
It is too late in night..
I can't sleep O my mother..
my daughter sweetly replied

Why, dear angel, can't you sleep?
I asked kissing her forehead..
I have so many things in my mind
and so my little one said..

Sleep O sleep my little Angel, 
I will tell you a tale
About the time I was like you
worried if I would fail

Night was like monster to me
I was unable to sleep
Haunted was I with images of past
The future too looked very bleak

For hours I would lie awake
turning right and left in my bed
Scared what would happen to me
Gripped by fears unsaid!

By midnight I would be tired
Fighting with distress so deep
And tiptoe to my parents room
Where my mother was fast asleep

She realized me lying next to her
And embraced me in her arms
It gave me comfort of all the worlds
like back in womb, I felt warm

In seconds I was in deep slumber
all my worries were gone
Such was the effect of the queen angel
to whom I was lucky to be born

I wish to give you the same warmth
so come and hug me tight
As I looked at the face of my little one
Found her resting like a star bright

I caressed her cheeks, 
tucked her in bed and then called my Mother,
To tell how much I miss her everyday
And in my next lives want no other..

* * *

Prompted by Godrej for #myfirstexpert on the #MothersDay


  1. WOWOWOW .. that is a beautiful Poem .. Mom's are the besttttttttttttttttttttttttt


  2. Beautiful. I know this feeling. Only a mother can comfort a child like this.

  3. Very nicely expressed. The line sums it all. ''It gave me comfort of all the worlds like back in womb"

  4. Very Sweet!. It reminded me of my sister doing the same.


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