Thursday, May 28, 2015

A legacy of love

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To my Daughter,

I feel very grateful to you that you have given me this opportunity to be your mother. When I look at you, I find that you resemble more like your father, in fact, almost everybody tells me this that you have nothing like me when it comes to appearance though I still argue playfully that the twinkle in your eyes is same as mine. You have always been this strong-willed little girl since the beginning, who does things as per her whims. Sometimes it troubles me (especially when you refuse to eat) but most of the times it makes me very happy. For it has made me sure that when it comes to the attitude, you have got that too same as your father. And I am glad for that as your father is a very good man, a patient person and a gentle soul but also, a man of strong convictions, actions and clear thinking. It is  a matter of great respite to me that my daughter will grow up to be a strong beautiful woman who would not let the societal rules to discourage her in any way in following her heart, her dreams, her passions. But all this makes me wonder some times, do you have anything that resembles me apart from the natural bond that we share? Being a human, I would like to have something of mine, something tangible carried by my offspring, that could remind others of my existence in this world once upon a time long after I have gone.

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And that makes me share with you these thoughts which one day, I know you will understand. Your mother is not a perfect person on earth, nobody is but she has this perfect heart full of love for everybody, even people who sometimes hurt her inadvertently or for any reasons, as I understand that sometimes people get deluded and doesn't really know what they are doing. Your mother can't keep anger for long as negativity tires her out. And that is one thing that I would like you to inherit from me. It is not that your father doesn't love like your mother but being a woman, it is something that makes me much more powerful than him in this regard, and I stay at his back so that he can turn and look at me if and when he needs support. But I have seen that women are troubled by artificial dogmas of society that tries to belittle them against men. Sometimes, while fighting against all such superficial restrictions, they tend to become bitter and lose their most cherished possession - their capacity for selfless love, understanding and compassion. I have fought very hard with myself not to let that ocean of love go dry irrespective of whatever has come in my way that has challenged my individuality and the right to exercise my free will. And my battles against any adversity has never shaken my faith in the belief that somewhere everyone, even the most hardened criminal is struggling to be good. Not only as a woman, but as a human you will witness many harsh realities, things will happen around that might make you revolt, feel sad, angry and even hate but just let all that pass like a temporary turbulence in a pleasant weather and fall back to being the gentle soul ready to forgive, and be kind to everyone. For the ultimate aim of our existence is to find eternal peace. You will see that our world has lot of pain and only those hearts that are strong and full of love have the power to heal it. I am giving you that heart, do keep it healthy no matter what. You will then be at peace with yourself and would always contribute to the world in positive ways. The goodness that will surround you will be reflected in the twinkle of your eyes and people will say, "look it is just like her mother".

Your Mumma

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