Monday, May 19, 2014

Mirror on the wall! - Short Story

He was my rival in my world as he owned everything that I ever dreamed of. We both started at same level. But his ways to get to things were shrewder than mine. Or I was much na├»ve, as I thought, at that time. But he didn’t have one thing that I possessed- a boon by the sorcerous powers- a mirror that could warn me about any immediate foe. And so I knew about him from the beginning before even knowing him.
I remember the first time I asked the glass, “Who is the opponent of all” and a black shadow showing its back laughed wickedly and when it turned to show its face- it was him. That was the beginning of the hate that later obsessed my heart. I observed each of his action and learned how cruel he could get to achieve things. He was an antagonist who in his madness caused pain and misery to me each time and so I resolved to seek revenge on him but slowly and steadily.

I played his game as I too had become master of his skills. He was taken by surprise. Each time he was shocked, petrified, mortified and I rejoiced on his wounds that I caused. Crippled and breathing his last, finally he gave up all he had. Now everything belonged to me. I was the lord of all of it.I had finally achieved my dream and defeated my adversary. And as I basked in my glory and relaxed, I took the sorcerers mirror and asked “Who is the opponent of all”. To my astonishment, it still revealed the same black shadow but as it turned to show his face with its wicked smile I found this time -  it was me!

In loathing and winning over my enemy, I had become – my enemy.