Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ramblings of my Soulmate- I am back!

Isn't it amazing that when we have all the right intention of doing something, and are all set to start it, just about that time everything else feels more important? This is especially true for chores - tasks which are important, have to be done, but just everything else seems to become an excuse of not doing it. I remember during school/college days before exams, when just before beginning to study, preparing detailed timetable used to become more important. I guess we are good at eternal planning, but the actual execution gives us cold feet.

Roohi has been behind me since ages to restart writing. I must admit I do like writing. However I have been a lazy bum.

However all good things come to an end, and so did my reluctance and aversion to take a meaningful activity today. I am hoping that between my non-sensical blabbering, I will produce some words of eternal wisdom someday to mark my day in the immortality of the digital world, but that day is still sometime in future.

As the great muscle man had said, I will be back, I am now - here I am :)

(Ramblings of my Soulmate is a series of posts by Piyush Bhatnagar on SoulFul. Piyush who writes code for living aspires to contribute to making world a beautiful place along with his wife Roohi.)