Thursday, May 8, 2014

What woman wants!

There were some back to back ads of diamond jewellery on the TV channel. One of them amused me. It went on like this- Guy to his friend "I am wondering should I gift diamond to my wife. What will be the return on Investment". His friend dramatically tells the happiness of his own wife when he gifted one to her and tells him such happiness is the RoI. I felt like "Seriously?????"

Do showering expensive gifts really make a happy wife? The diamond companies will kill me for writing this but don't you think diamonds are way too much overrated? Forget about immortality as most diamond companies claim for the white stone - diamonds can be broken and burnt with little or no ash. How can a brittle stone with hyped publicity and year round discounts vouch for the eternal love of a man for a woman?

It takes simple gestures of love to bring real happiness to a woman. A man loves his wife when she is at her ugliest and he still finds her beautiful. He loves her when he can sooth her out when she is at her worst behavior. He loves her when he accepts her as she is. He loves her when he lets her to bring out the best in her as well as in him.

I am a woman and I do not need diamonds to ascertain the love of my husband. Not anymore ever since I read about the 'great diamond scam' and that indeed makes my husband very happy hehehe.

As for gifts, well, I never wish for anything big, but the most ductile and malleable element on the planet. Just some piece of glittering and shimmering Gold - and it does last forever ;)


  1. "a man loves his wife ...." where do you find such a man in today's world .... ha ha ha ... just joking ... I am seriously jealous of your husband ... i wish all wife's start thinking like you .... (My recent anniversary gift to my wife was a diamond pendent, even after saying I love you, every morning.... ha ha ha ...)

    1. hahahaha... well, to ensure all wives and ladies start thinking like me just share this post with as many people as you can :P :P


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