Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Minion fantasy

My dear blog,

How much I try to be regular with you, I fail. I know I disappoint you every time. I promised you 2 weeks ago that I will post every weekend. Still last weekend I failed miserably. But you know my reasons. My platter is full of so many dishes. And on top of that I am a woman in love. As you must understand a woman in love is always in some other world. No surprise then that when Mr. H asked me whether I will paint a poster for his office I could not say no. Though I had to copy and paint some cartoons called 'Minions' still my love for colors forced me to make the commitment.

After the hectic weekend chores and outings, when I had time to breathe and when I could have written something for you, I instead sat to paint. Mr. H suggested I should just stick to painting one minion.

But as I knew it was for his team, I could not resist painting like this:

We started at 10 pm and needless to say that Mr. H is very supportive and helped me with whatever little painting techniques he knows. But since the banner was in satin blue and having no experience of painting on Satin, the yellow paint was not coming proper. We sulked thinking it was a bad decision. By 1 am we could just finish half and slept. Early morning I woke up to find Mr. H doing the base color for rest half. I felt like a professional painter having an assistant :) I took up the work and finished painting the remaining half and left it to dry. It looked better and the artist in me knew I can do it. Meanwhile, Mr. H diligently took care of our little artist who was roaming everywhere carrying a sketch pen and calling "colol colol". He made her bath, dressed her while I got ready for my office. 

Mr. H complained that Minions were looking sad unlike the crazy smiling ones. I said, "Just wait and watch". Lastly, I did the outlining with a black marker and our minions were fine.

I hope the smiles of these little minions will calm down your anger as I promise I will definitely post on time next weekend :)