Friday, October 5, 2018

Bring Investment Back Home

We are living in a global, interdependent, inter-connected world. Having made a big move from India to the United Kingdom recently, we are first-hand experiencing true multicultural existence.

History has been a witness to numerous wars fought by countries just to establish a pseudo sense of superiority over each other. But as time brought wisdom, society has learned that how alike we are despite our differences. Cultures in several countries of today have become quite accepting of the differences. Opportunities are available to those who wish to seek them. And people have a choice to discover their home far way from where they originally belonged. We in today’s world are more nomads than ever!

A cross-country, cross-cultural movement like ours used to be quite unsettling in many ways. However, with the advent of technologies and reach of internet, things have changed dramatically over the years. The challenges related to such a move today are more about mind than anything else. From transportation to communication, from finances to education, no more we need to get totally uprooted and compromise when moving countries.

The internet has a vital role in homogenising and continuity of this experience. Apart from emotional and personal challenges – one of the biggest hurdles faced by immigrants of yesterday was financial. It simply was not easy to take that hard-earned money back to your country and invest in instruments which could benefit from India’s growth story. While other investment options were available in other countries – investing back in home, especially when business was booming was certainly desirable, but not easy.

Not anymore. In today’s world several tools and platforms have emerged which present an easy gateway into such opportunities. One such platform that I have discovered is Orowealth, which caters to NRIs in making sound financial investments decision, all online.

INVESTMENT - a mammoth task for NRI - No more with OROWEALTH

As an NRI myself, I know investment opportunities in a fast-growing economy like India are too lucrative to ignore – and often yield better return on investment than any other possible instrument in developed world. And investment in India is no more about real Estates or fixed deposits that have low net yields. Reforms like demonetization have helped Mutual Funds investment yield much better returns. But as an NRI, I also know that the investment processes and portfolio management are not simple in this overly complex financial market. Add to that the paper work, commissions and intermediaries involved. Orowealth addresses this very issue. With its simple on-boarding process (sign-up, login, uploading documents), it ensures that it is an end to end paperless platform that takes care of updating information like KYC to avoid any issues during redemption or switching or rebalancing.

A Personal Wealth Manager for All

Orowealth offers investment and advisory services to NRI investors. The plan and advice are customised to individual requirements and a bespoke approach based on a detailed analysis of user’s assets, liabilities, incomes and expenses helps in creating goals like investments for child's education, retirement, holiday. It automatically keeps a track of them by constantly scanning the portfolio and informs if there are things to change. It is a sort of a personal wealth manager for masses that not only offers automated but human advisory services comprising qualified industry experts who help us make more from our investments.

India's first 0 commission 

Orowealth doesn't have any hidden cost or commissions. It claims to be India's first transparent 0 commission direct fund investment platform. While when we buy a regular Mutual fund, we pay a percentage of commission on it, every year. Hence, Orowealth allows a user to switch an existing mutual fund investment into direct plans.

Unique Features with different plans

One shoe size cannot fit all. Different individuals have different needs and appetite for various investment opportunities. While the automated suggestions may work well for most, there will always be discerning clientele requiring human expert advice. To cater to such diverse needs, Orowealth offers OroAssist and advisory services as following plans:
  • The starter plan, which is free of cost, comes with basic tools to track and grow our portfolio. 
  • With the Gold plan, 199/month billed annually, we can add up to 4 family member accounts and get personalized advisory services. A free call with a financial advisor can be arranged. 
  • The Platinum plan, 999/month billed annually, unlimited calls with personal dedicated financial advisors can be arranged in addition to unlimited family members account and priority support. We also get free invites to attend market expert conferences and webinars. This gives us a smart, robust platform with an advisor we can trust to manage our financial needs.
Further, for customer service a multichannel customer support is available that can be accessed through WhatsApp, chat, email, SMS or even call. This avoid any delay and allows a smooth operational flow.
Like anything worthwhile, building a lucrative, rich portfolio is an act of habit and regular investment. Even small pennies when saved can result in pound sized returns. Platforms like Orowealth do seem to make it easy to not only save but invest in a secure way and help us NRIs be part of the India growth story and help us contribute by bringing investment from abroad back to homeland!

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